Sunday, November 22, 2009

MusicBliss: RIP Michael Hutchence

I remember exactly where I was on this date in 1997. I was driving down a very specific block of our city, going North, and the Sun was bright and beautiful and I had the windows down. Typical for the days around my birthday, actually.

I had the radio on and learned that Michael Hutchence had killed himself. Their CD Elegantly Wasted was new enough that Marcy and I didn't have it. We didn't get it. I couldn't listen to him.

For me, Michael Hutchence is one of those unique, brilliant singers who comes along very rarely. He was constantly pushing himself, daring with his voice.

Just recently, as I dance through my life now, I realized I could hear him again and not identify with the despair of him. I could just dance and appreciate what he was trying to do.

So in honor of him today, a selection from that last CD, a CD that is over 10 years old and sounds brand new -- a CD, I think, that was ahead of itself.

One of the most emotional performances I have ever viewed:

Something much more lighthearted right here.

A video that I could never watch enough times, especially starting at minute 3:22 (when the Japanese drummers come in).

And a classic that they did at every single concert (a montage of many concerts):


Rachel said...

In 1997 I was working in a cocktail bar. I was on shift when I heard the news. All the girls were devestated...

On a brighter note 22nd November is also my dear daddy's birthday AND the anniversary of the resignation of Margaret Thatcher (although you probably have to be British to understand just how AWESOME that was!! :D)

Lisa said...

Oh, thank you for this reminder and tribute. I did not know this was the anniversary of his death.

Interestingly enough, I've been playing the INXS Greatest Hits CD a lot lately...hmmmmmm.

Jason, as himself said...

I do love me some INXS. They're one of a kind.

MissBliss said...

jr. high and high school would not have been the same without the sounds of their amazing work... those vocals!!! so powerful...

Anonymous said...

yes, Michael was always "pushing himself, daring" even in the way he died... you see, he didn't actually kill himself out of despair, but by asphyxiation during ummm... self satisfaction. he had the unique ability to allow us to see his soul through his vocals and movements. imagine what he could still be sharing if it not for the tragedy of his much too early death!

svasti said...

I was fortunate to see INXS play live, once. I think I was about 16 and a group of friends and I went to the gig at the famous tennis center here in Melbourne.

Those guys sure knew how to fill a stadium and make everyone feel included!

Yeah, I agree that Michael is/was one of those amazing and rare spirits, so talented, so charismatic and impressive that his skin was barely an effective container for all of that.

I've always loved "Listen Like Thieves". And in fact, I have the wonderful double-double (2 CDs) Best Of album. And it always rocks.

RIP Michael Hutchence!