Saturday, December 5, 2009

BlissObstacles: Realizing there is No "Try"

The title today -- in case you are not a geek -- comes from a Yoda quote: Do or do not. There is no try. (Smart muppet!)

This is a photo of a gorgeous necklace that Amy recently gave away from her Etsy shop. She does beautiful work and is generous to her blog readers, which you should obviously be!

Today, she joins us to write about her main obstacle to bliss. Enjoy her poetic and honest musings on her own inner workings:

The Switch

I have what I call a default switch.

Life presents a challenge, big or small, I allow the negativity to spiral…and the switch flips! I'm back in the victim-led life of drudgery. My default. What I perceive in the moment, or month, to be my true reality.

It's a familiar, predictable space that doesn't always bother me initially. It might even look sweet on the outside, I’ve been told, but feels vacuous and wrong inside my head. There is, of course, no chance at bliss here.

To flip the switch back, I move myself out into nature. Lots of sky, bare feet in the grass, movement.

Or I intentionally slow down even more than I once thought possible. Stare into the old soul eyes of my child. Fall into my sweet love’s embrace. Fall into bed. Cry.

Or I seek others. A change of scenery. I offer what I have to give with an open heart, fully seeing, hearing...loving.

Encouraging the passion, the bliss, of another inadvertently stirs up my own.

Despite my searching, I am always there. Despite my denial or despair over whether I am deserving, I am always there.

Sunlight on the river. My definition of bliss. A place where the darkness still exists. A place where I know I have a choice.

So somehow this simple, silly image of a tiny lever (that I control) works for me. It works because nothing, absolutely nothing, must be done first.


Claudia said...

slow down, nature, seek others, yes, I can relate. As I prepare to spend a weekend away from home, these three although not all within reach, bring me closer to a healthy space.

Bethany said...

I love this.
Great writing, great help.
Thank you!

alisha said...

yes, yes, yes. i so needed to read this.

Karen D said...
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Karen D said...

These are some great ideas, I know how it feels to get lost in the negativy spiral, it sucks! I also try to re-connect with nature during those times.
PS: Thanks Christine, I see my comments are working now. ;-)

Lisa said...

Oh, this is wonderful.

Thank you for this valuable reminder of the gift of shifting perspective!

My husband claims I have a 'switch' in the middle of my forehead. He can see when I'm too entrenched in 'thinking' mode and will reach over and either flip the 'switch' or just yank it completely off my forehead! :-D

cypress sun said...

A switch on the forehead is actually very convenient!

It's interesting to read my words on this strong woman's's a little surreal! Thank you Christine, and I hope you are enjoying your trip. Thanks for all of the positive comments. It makes the bliss-walk much more intriguing and attainable knowing that we are all moving towards the light.