Thursday, December 3, 2009

BlissObstacles: The Weight of the Past

That is a perfect picture of our next guest blogger this week, Brooks Hall, whom I was privileged enough to meet recently in real life as we momentarily crossed paths at Kripalu.

Brooks writes this wonderful, delving, honest blog.

Today, she joins us to write about obstacles to bliss:

My Bliss Ship

After a recent meditation, I opened my eyes and I saw the things in my apartment—briefly, in my mind’s eye—as forming a ship, boat, or vessel to carry me forward. The things in my apartment (mostly remnants from my past) were like tiles on the outer part of the ship, keeping me protected on the inside. These things also came together to form a vehicle, a way of moving in the world.

The trouble can come when a piece remains unaddressed: its wavering, like a tile breaking loose, allows for a leak in the hull which slows me down. So to have integrity as I move forward through time, it’s important to know myself—including my physical effects. The stuff I sometimes call the “shit” in my apartment. I have really allowed this stuff that represents my past to create a drag that clings to me, holding me back from enjoying a more vibrant life. I’ve been ashamed of my home.

The key to stepping forth in a way that is more blissful for me is to be less obsessed with the ship and more enthralled by the ride. It’s great and good to know myself and to have examined myself deeply—it’s what I needed to do to feel more solid, more integrated. I needed to dig deep and understand what my hurts were about. I needed to lick wounds and get support.

Now I feel ready to float, ready to ride, and ready to go! I am ready to lighten the load. My passion can put the wind in my sails or perhaps fuel a powerful motor. My body and mind can do the work. My breath can keep me energized and calm.

Bon voyage!


Brooks Hall said...

Thanks BlissChick!

cypress sun said...

I'm loving this series on obstacles. Wonderful insights and reminders!

Eco Yogini said...

wow Brooks, I LOVED this article and the imagery...

you are such a fantastic writer :)

David Rice said...

Dear Christine,
You may enjoy the annual Blissfest. Info at

Karen D said...

This post really resonated with me, thanks! I have been following your blog through wishcasting and such. I know you are into yoga and I wanted to ask you if you have heard of Angela Farmer, she came through in my Dreamboard this month, I read a short article in a yoga magazine and she seemed very interesting.. I have her picture here on my post.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Brooks -- Thank you so much for sharing this. It's so beautiful.

David -- Thanks for the heads up on the blissfest. Looks totally fun.

Karen -- I do not know Angela Farmer's work, but I know of her and have heard nothing but good about her. Also...I went to your blog to comment and the form doesn't work. I run into this a lot. If you change from "embedded" to "full page," it fixes the problem. And you might see your comments go up! :)

Karen D said...

Hi Christine, I changed the comments to full page, learned something new today, thanks for that. Would you mind checking to see if you can leave a comment now.

Teresa said...

Excellent thought provoking post. I love when two blogs I love to read converge like this for a really great post in a really great series of posts! Thanks blisschick and brooks :).

Teresa at

David Rice said...

BTW, if you attend Bliss when Richie Havens is playing, your life will be changed. He played the original Woodstock.

Laura Cococcia said...

Loved this post Brooks - ironically, it gave me a lot of energy around "slowing down" - for me, it takes effort to do that, but getting there! Just signed up for yoga teacher training as step one! Thanks for this!

Lisa said...

This is a fabulous, timely, relevant, eloquent, profound, and inspiring message. Thank you!!!

Brooks Hall said...

Thanks, Everybody! I appreciate your comments. It heartens my heart to hear that you resonate with my words.