Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dispatch from Kripalu: Dreaming

Tomorrow, we will be at the halfway point, and from the experience of the last time here, I know it will just fly at that point.

We are all done with our demo teaches and now we move onto exploring with one another. Exploring teaching methods, for one.

Exploring our dreams, for another.

We started Dreaming Big this evening. It seems too precious to write about just yet, so I'll wait. I'll let it simmer and turn into something more tangible and less fragile before I share it.

Do you have Precious Big Dreams? Do you even let yourself go there?

It was hard for me; I had to really push.

I recommend it.


Linda-Sama said...

always. my dream is a meditation center with yoga, not a yoga center with meditation. big difference.

JFKlaver said...

Not enough. But you are an inspiration! I'm working on it.

Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

I love Kripalu! so exciting you get to do a training there. My Big Precious Dream (making a careeer out of my artwork) is on its way to coming true and I am enjoying the journey!

Carnal Zen said...

How apropo...just this morning I battled with my "dare to wish" list...all the wants I have to wait for that I try ferociously try to balance between giving it enough energy to manifest but not so much that it tosses me out of my present moment.

Carolyn said...
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Carolyn said...

Love this blog, and appreciate you sharing your journey.

"Do you have Precious Big Dreams? Do you even let yourself go there?"

I'm just learning to be with that question...starting to 'get' that when I'm not in alignment with the Precious Big Dreams, then that's when life beats me up the most. Swimming upstream, so to speak.

I've had a lifetime of big dreams and yet made minimizing and limiting life choices.

...And today I express myself authentically, and I am in the flow of synchronicity, magic, and miracles.