Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Deal with a Little Christmas Tummy Pudge

Over the Christmas holidays, I had decided that I would eat the treats I wanted to eat. I was not going to castigate myself for this enjoyment. Marcy and I agreed upon some yums that she wanted to cook and bake and I agreed to eat!

As you know, I've been working hard on my daily dance/yoga/workout routines, and I have been reaping physical rewards for that focus, determination, and willpower.

But over the holidays...oye!

Not only did I eat things like sticky buns many days in a row (and they were perfection itself), but I also sat around reading and got up to dance a whole. lot. less.

In the past, thanks to some lovely body image dis-ease, I would have gone off the deep end at the fact that my tummy is showing the results of increased calories and decreased activity.

In the past, I would have been weighing myself ever step of the way.

Thanks to Marcy, I can't do that anymore.

Years ago, she made me throw out that scale.

Now it's all a matter of listening to the wisdom of my body, and it has told me a few things.

First, it told me that eating those sticky buns was all about joy. (Starving myself has been a problem in the past, so enjoying the act of eating is important.)

Second, it told me that it was okay to get off track for two weeks, because I would be getting right back on.

Third, it reminded me that this is all part of the journey of my word of the year, Embody. Learning not to judge myself based on temporary physical states (including a little extra weight or feeling tired) is a huge lesson for me.

I am thankful that I don't have the weapon that is the Scale sitting in my bathroom, taunting me, giving me "evidence" of my "failure."

Have you decided to join the World Wide Dump Your Scale Day? If you do, and you decide to write about, let me know!


Karen D said...

Thanks I needed to hear this as I have been depressed about my 5 pound weight gain this season.. I have so much to lose that even gaining 5 makes me feel so bad.

Eco Yogini said...

JOY. eating mindfully. there is so much guilt hanging around, i LOVE this post.

:) (ps- I don't own a scale! and didn't weigh myself on my mothers while i was at home ONCE! YAY)

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

I tossed my scale in the bin a long time ago. Yes, our bodies are wise - if we would only listen and heed.

At this time of year we all need this reminder about mindful eating ... savouring the joyful pleasure of eating.

Anonymous said...

Today is the first day of "The Holiday Season" I am feeling uncomfortable upon arising. My belly actually feels full, after sleeping a full 9 hours, so full I considered checking the cupboard to see if I've taken up sleepwalk snacking as a new hobby. Daringly I admit, Santa has also delivered a little tummy pudge to this address. I bet it was the most popular gift of the season!

I too planned ahead and allowed myself to enjoy the good foods of the season in guilt free pleasure, understanding full well the immediate return to normalcy would erase any ill effects.

The struggle here was not having a clear definition, in advance, of "The Holiday Season". Is it over yet? Does it last through the weekend? Is it over after the dreaded "one more cookie".

No. It was over when the belt groaned yesterday and expanded back to the notch not used in over a year and it was over when my glasses became mysteriously snug.

Your post on this is perfect. So many of us do the same thing every year. It's the understanding and returning to non-holiday eating that makes it okay. We did not fail, quite the opposite, we triumphed and celebrated!

The time with friends and family, the sharing of laughs, food and treats, all of those I'd not replace.

See you next year, "The Holiday Season"!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

If every little act of joy or pleasure (or bliss) must be paid for with guilt and self-hate, then we live under tyranny. Smash the oppressors! (as the old Marxist-Leninists used to say in the 60s).

Jeanne Klaver said...

Oh Yeah! I'm headed for that second piece of Key Lime pie and I'll worry about the calories—well, never. Instead, I'll jump back on the wagon when the celebration is done!

IrishPoet said...

ok, as one of your male/ yogi readers I have to add my two cents...I also have gained more than 5 lbs since Thanksgiving and having a hard time getting my pants to button! And I'm in the home stretch for completing my yoga teacher training and the extra tummy is definitely NOT helping with my practice, or the way I feel! One of my classmates and I have a pact to begin the New Year with a 10 day purifying juice fast to get help cleanse our digestive tracts of all the sugar and white flour we've consumed over the holidays!

olivosartstudio said...

Thanks for this post! I have also been celebrating this seasono....my in laws are visiting for the holidays (two weeks) and my excercise practice has diminished, whilst my wine and sweets intake has increased....! I also decided to enjoy the two weeks without stressing out has I may have in the past. I am however making certain I don't go overboard with it all..and have plans to do a 5 day juice feast as soon as my lovely, fun loving in laws go home to their native Mexico.