Monday, December 28, 2009

My Inner Cat

We've had an amazingly relaxing holiday here at the Lilypad. We've spent a lot of our time watching Toby and Lilly romp and roll through the wrapping paper and emptied boxes. Every morning starts with them racing through the room as we sit on the couch laughing and clapping and sipping espresso. The photo above is typical right now -- the cat a mere blur of happy abandon.

As we start this week that will end with the beginning of the New Year, I watch the cats and think a lot about my word for 2010, Embody.

Cats are fur-covered packages of Action. They don't contemplate the right or wrong of somersaulting over that new feathered toy. They don't procrastinate chasing their new sister cat, thinking maybe there is a better time to do so.

For me, then, much of my word of the year exploration will be about not questioning my desires or dreams but instead moving forward as the impulse moves me.

In two weeks, for example, I am going to start two eight week ballroom dancing classes (rumba and salsa!). I would normally wonder "Why" I am doing this. I would question what would "come of it."

I feel my brain trying to generate resistance to something that has called to me for many years.

I feel my brain coming up with all sorts of reasons not to.

But my Body yells "YES!"

And my Body is smart like a Cat.

What does your Body desire or need? What holds you back?


TheAnalyst said...

Love this post! I think anyone who has a cat will, b/c it is so true!

I hope to get some exercise in during this break I have. Yoga and running will be great...well, running once I can do it again! Oy, I'm lucky if I can walk fast on the treadmill.

My cats are super smarties, I just wish I would have to yell "No! No! NOOO!" to Nerd as she claws my chair. *sigh*

Emma said...

Sounds very good!

Getting in touch with your inner cat may also result in more naps and racing up and down the steps crazily!)

One thing my body needs right now is more yoga again, but I keep getting hung up on not having a good place to do it. I don't want to let that stop me any longer, though, and I'm thinking this evening will feature Yoga In Ridiculous Parts of the House.

WrightStuff said...

You want to watch those cats... before too long they'll be teaching you that it's good to sleep nearly all day. My two are demonstrating this rather well right now. The only time they move is to change laps!

Jan said...

Funny to find this here, Christine. I just created a post at awakenedliving about making changes in 2010, and in the comments I offered my own "challenge." Yep, it is about this body and my new plan for it in 2010. It feels very good to make such a vow. May you continue to enjoy your love-filled life!

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

I have an inner cat, also.

Healing. My body wants healing. In many ways, I hold myself back.

Embody. What a great word for 2010.

Linnea said...

I love cat mentors. After all, cats know better than anyone that the more naps you take, the more awakenings you experience. They're also agile and graceful -- good role models for dancers of every stripe.

May you embody 2010, and may it fit you perfectly.

Linda-Sama said...

"Cats are fur-covered packages of Action."

unless you're like my one cat who can sleep in one spot for 12 hours and only get up to eat and use the cat box!

epiphanygirl said...

A veteran cat watcher myself, I agree completely. Babies are fully embodied creatures - all they know of this life is sensation. All root chakra all the time since much of their spirits are still in the realm of the angels.
Not procrastinating and moving as body-spirit dictates? Yes, please!