Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Peak into Our Christmas Day

Having two young cats in the house for Christmas was a furry, tumbling bundle of fun. Lilly is not yet two, and, of course, Toby is only a few months. Most of the day, looked like this:

We piled blankets on the floor in front of the tree and just played all day and left the mess of paper and boxes. It was our favorite Christmas ever.

It took me all day to get this decent photo of Lilly, looking angelic -- but we know otherwise!

By the end of the day, there was some passing out:

And the passing out seems to be continuing into today!

Marcy and I are already making plans for next year. We are thinking about a Christmas Eve party to celebrate the German tradition of the belschnickel.

Oh! In the middle of the day yesterday, we ate some more homemade sticky buns and drank some more homemade eggnog while we watched this movie, which is all about never stopping, the unimportance of age, and the importance of doing the thing that makes you most happy.


Bethany said...

How fun. Cats and bunnies love boxes and paper. They all must've been in heaven. What a great idea.
My aunts been telling me to see this movie. Now that I've watched the trailor I know why.
Love those pink gloves and the bunny tee. Made me smile.
Glad your day was so happy and bright.

Emma said...

Fuuuunnnnn! There's so much fun behind these photos!

Wow, that's some photo of Marcy, too. =D That is a keeper!

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

We had a small dinner for some "stray" friends. It was a great time - focus on being and connecting, not getting and getting some more.

Nice to see you had such a furry and fun day!

Anonymous said...

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