Friday, December 18, 2009

The Unexpected Bliss of Lori-Lyn Hurley

Returning from a week at Kripalu places a specific demand upon me: Rest and Integration. For this to happen, I need to go deep inside. So this week I am honored to present a series of posts by some wonderful writers about their experiences of Unexpected Bliss.

Lori-Lyn Hurley was born and raised in Kentucky, embraced the adventure of New York for almost ten years, then moved back to Kentucky where she lives with her partner and their pug. She writes, makes messy art, delves into the beautiful world of energy work and intuition, leads workshops, dances with a hula hoop in a marching band, and dreams. She blogs here and you can follow her on Twitter here.

The Unexpected Bliss of Where I Live
by Lori-Lyn Hurley

When I moved away from my hometown seventeen years ago, I did so because I felt I wasn’t a good fit for it or it for me. I moved to New York looking for adventure and opportunity and things to do. (And I found all of that.) When I moved back to my hometown seven years ago, I did so for a number of reasons, but I was also certain that I was coming back to a place that wasn’t a good fit for me.

I had always seen my town as too conservative, too traditional, too cliquish and, quite frankly, too boring. We see what we believe, so I found lots of evidence to support my theory. My partner and I often wondered out loud why there wasn’t a community for us (not married, no children, don’t go to church). We have lots of wonderful and fascinating friends, I had my writers group (love), we had our family, but it seemed that life was just speeding along with everyone doing his or her thing and what we felt was a lack of events, of places, of gatherings for the likes of us.

Then, I joined a marching band. I joined the band – a community band with dancing hoop girls formed to support Local First Lexington – because I wanted to socialize and be with people and have fun, and it is tremendously fun, but it has also held a multitude of unexpected lessons and been a source of unexpected bliss for me.

Joining March Madness gave me instant access to a community of really amazing, generous people, and it gave me opportunity to dress up and perform (yay!) but it also opened my eyes to how dead wrong I’d been about the place where I live.

There is more going on here than I would ever have time for. Live music, poetry readings, belly dance performances, fire dancing, potlucks, brunch alongs, and most of all, a genuine love of adventure and creativity and envelope pushing. There is support here for me that I did not know was here – just waiting for me to step into it.

Since joining March Madness, I’ve found that I’m so much more comfortable just being myself – dressing the way I want to dress, listening (and dancing to) the music I love, placing myself in the conversation of life here. Where I live. Where I’m from. The band has shown me what a multi-faceted, loving, outrageous and beautiful place this really is.

Where else am I going to get to sit on the top level of a double-decker bus packed with Halloween bedazzled musicians and shout, beep, beep, beep, while the bus backs up in a parking lot?


Anonymous said...

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jelly said...

nice read, thanks for sharing this!

Laura Hegfield said...

good for you...choosing to be present and see the light that was hidden right before you all along!

gentle, joyful, bouncy steps,

mrsb said...

I used to dress how I liked, etc... then I had kids and thought I should "grow up". Now, almost 40, I've found myself again :O) I'm the only tattooed mom on the block with skull covered shoes.

Hurray for finding a place to be yourself and have fun!!

Lisa said...

Hello Lori-Lyn!

LOVE this post!

As a Kentucky-raised girl now living in Dayton, OH (for 20 years) I've had similar sentiments ~
and discoveries.

Thank you for sharing your story :-)