Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being Brave & Finding Bliss in the Ballroom

(That's just a little photo update of the growing Toby kitten, who is now just over 3 months old.)

Monday night, I did something totally big!

My word of the year magic is already working. When you put a word and concept out into the world in a public manner, it has a way of holding you accountable.

Things I would normally knee-jerk react to in the negative, I have to rethink. That rethinking usually then leads to me pushing myself in new directions.

Which I did on Monday night.

How many times did I almost back out with a thousand excuses?

I don't like being touched... it seems way too intimate and I have serious boundaries.

It's just beginner's level...what could that possibly do for me?

I won't like it and then I'll have to stop after starting and I hate letting people down.

I don't want to leave the house.

A typical litany for me.

But my word is Embody and I promised myself after my YogaDance teacher certification that I would keep trying new things, keep challenging my body, keep pushing my spirit to grow.

Finally, Monday night came and I hadn't backed out.

I was a ball of nerves so I danced in the privacy of our home until I was dripping sweat. Then I got ready.

The one thing I was already excited about was the new shoes. New shoes make me happy, and these had 2 inch heels. And t straps. They feel sassy. (Alas there is no glitter -- not yet anyway.)

Our friend came -- the one who very surreptitiously got me to do this -- and we were off.

To Ballroom Dance classes -- two in a row, Rumba and Salsa.

Guess what?

As usual, pushing myself paid off. I had the most marvelous time, and I learned a lot -- and I'm not referring to the dance steps, though there was that.

I learned, for the millionth time, that Dancer is my most basic nature, so it doesn't matter what the dance is, what the level is. I get out of it what I put into it.

I learned that it's not so scary to dance with another human and that it's okay for my physical boundaries to be pushed on a wee bit. (I come from a traditional jazz/modern/ballet type background, and it's me, the stage, and the audience. This one on one partner thing is rather new for me.)

I learned, yet again, that a group of people moving to music -- no matter their abilities -- is a happy group of people.

I learned that if I follow my instincts and tell my excuse-filled brain to just "Shut up!" that the outcome is always positive.

Besides having a glorious time and learning something new, I also made more connections to help with my Dream Decree.

What a night!

Is there something in your life that your instincts say "yes" to, but your brain is listing the reasons to say "no?"


Lauren said...

How exciting! I often think of trying ballroom dancing. Perhaps once graduate school ends in May I will see if I can get over my two left feet!

Kristina said...

The thing I want to say yes to is my yoga practice as my vocation. My brain oh-so-kindly reminds me of things like "real life" that tend to stress me out and distract me, so I'm working towards my bliss and am repeatedly inspired by your words of wisdom. Thank you!

Lisa said...

I'm SO proud of you!
What fun :-D
ROCK ON, BlissChick!

My instincts? Ever since the World Peace Yoga Conference, my Mondo-Beyondo dream has been to do a city-wide Vegan Challenge in Dayton, Ohio! I'd get the schools, churches, universities, businesses, etc involved.

My brain is listing the reasons of "no"...1) who will pay me to do this? 2) I don't know if I can handle the amount of ridicule and resistance that will come along with it. and 3) Hello! It's Dayton, Ohio! :-0

Linnea said...

Interestingly, my ballroom-dancing hubby and I were discussing this very thing last night. My biggest I-want-to-say-yes-but-my-brain-says-no-issue: leaving Charlotte. It used to rear its head at typical times: fall (when school was starting and I was still in go-back-to-school mode, even though I'd long since been out) and spring (buds on the trees, flowers peeking through -- new life, time for a change). Now, the desire stays on all year, refusing to sleep. But I have a list as long as my arm for staying (mainly having to do with my aging mother and the fact my kids are in school). Still trying to sort that conundrum.

claire bangasser said...

You rock, Blisschick!

Ellecubed said...

I am so proud of you Christine. It is amazing that you were able to push your comfort zone and really brace the idea of embodiment. I am so happy that this turned out well and you were able to let out your beautiful dancer in a new arena.

Dianne Poinski said...

"Be Brave - Choose Bliss" - I love this! I think that sums it up. Most of my most "blissful" moments were a direct of result of stepping way out of my comfort zone. Right now I am pushing myself to declare more publicly that my intention this year is to finally finish that book of floral images I have been "thinking" about for the last 5 years! There - second time this week I have stated that. Thanks for another great post!

Vanessa said...

You made me happy with this one! I feel proud of you! Like I wanna give you a hug... I kid, I kid. :)

Bethany said...

This made me so happy.
Dance on.
Good for you.

Anonymous said...

I took inspiration from you and signed up for belly dancing last year. As if this wasn't big enough (I have no dance experience whatsoever and am not a very "fluid" kind of person), the several other women who were in the class ended up all dropping out after the first couple of sessions, leaving me for the remaining 4 weeks to ONE ON ONE classes with the instructor! No one to hide behind! No way to "fake it" if I didn't "get" a movement. My brain definitely said NO, I can't do this, but my heart said "what the hell" and I kept on. I am so happy that I did and loved it so much I can't wait for the next session to start up so I can keep learning.

Rochelle said...

Way to go! I could write a book of excuses too - glad you didn't listen to yours! :)

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