Sunday, January 31, 2010

Embodiment This Week: Ending January 31st

This is a new weekly post that I want to give a try that supports my word of the year, Embodiment. On Sundays, I thought I would look back and give a brief account of changes I've made, things I've tried, successes, challenges.

Here we go.

The biggest thing this week was that I, once again, really challenged my boundaries -- personal, emotional, physical, all of them -- by going last night to a public ballroom dance. I only know two dances at this point, so being a novice in front of others was a big deal to my dancer ego. But I went anyway (wearing the bling-y shirt above), and I am pretty proud of myself for that. I also had a good time, which was kinda a bonus compared to defeating some big demons named Perfection and, well, Perfection.

I am reading a book by the physician Frank Lipman called Spent: End Exhaustion and Feel Great Again. This is my second time through, and this time, I am actually making some changes rather than just contemplating them. As I write this, I am drinking my first breakfast smoothie (or smoovie, as we like to call it), filled with avocado, greens, and whey powder among other things. I'd like to report that I don't hate it. (And apparently, neither does Toby the Kitten, who is trying to taste it...Toby!)

I created a homework sheet for myself that now hangs on the refrigerator to remind me of things that I want to be doing daily and weekly in terms of nurturing my dancer self. This trick is working. I see it, feel a slight twinge of (healthy) guilt, and then I get busy. Though I did not accomplish as much as I wanted, I know each week will build on the previous.

I am back to daily yoga. Though I never felt bad about being away from yoga because I was dancing, I do enjoy my Kundalini with Ana Brett & Ravi Sing and am happy that it feels so darn good again -- mentally. Yoga of every sort was just boring me for a while when I went back to the excitement of dance, but I recently had a breakthrough about movement and yoga reentered my life full force. I do it every day early in the day -- on top of all the dancing, of course.

I am learning more and more every day about my approach to spiritual and physical well being. I am learning, for instance, that the word FUN is too often forgotten in our quest for happy and I will be writing about that more and more.

How was your week in your body? Or did you forget you even have one?...


claire said...

How did you guess? I did forget that I had a body. Thank you for reminding me.
Thank you.

differenceayearmakes said...

I actually tried Masala Bhangra dance this week, really. I only lasted half an hour, not the full hour - and I'm still an uncoordinated as ever - but it was great fun!

I love this idea of keeping an update - I think I'll have to give it a try. It's so easy to forget after a time that we've made progress.

Elize said...

I love your homework sheet for keeping track of activities that nurture your dancer self! Fantastic idea, super kudos to you for taking such initiative! WA-HOO for yoga & dancing :) It is amazing to me now as I begin to notice the difference in myself when I avoid practicing...

Karen said...

I've been lurking for a few months. I like this end-of-the-week post. Good idea! My word for the year is "Allow," which is partly about allowing my body to slow me down and also about letting others be who they are without bothering me.
No, I did not forget I had a body this week. But my body did tell me that it's starting to feel better, and even thanked me for taking better care of it!

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Jan said...

I just realized, Christine, that our themes for this new year are very similar. Duh.....I am referring to mine as simply "the year of my body." I have started and feeling better already. I started adding juicing and smoothies to my intake. Today my beloved was home and we did fruit smoothie for breakfast, then late afternoon snack of a veggie concoction and I absolutely loved it! (broccoli, apples and lemon juice) I am cutting out bread, pasta, and wheat. We are leaving for Fl on Sat. (for 3 mos) and I cannot wait to do daily beach walks...The feeling of embodiment in this precious body temple is growing! Here's to our mutual success!

Lisa said...

Great post! Good for you!

We heart hemp protein powder in our smoovies here :-)

My week was spent embracing the nuances of the mystical combination of PMS and pre-full moon. LOTS to learn from listening to my body's needs during that time.

I, too, set some new goals ~ and am refocusing by starting my days with The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman's Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras by Nischala Joy Devi. Ah, yes, and back to daily yoga for me as addition to committed movement of other types. (Today it was a 40-minute walk outside in the SUNSHINE!)

Rowena said...

I definitely existed in my body this week.

Head, stuffed.
Sinus Cavities, burning.
Throat, sore
Shoulders, hunched
Back, aching
Stomach, iffy.

Okay, it wasn't being present in the body in a good way, but I have had a lot of chicken soup and herbal tea with tons of honey and lemon.

alisha said...

so glad i read this this morning because i was just thinking about how i failed epically in getting my running miles in (first 5k in march). but now i feel inspired to get to the gym, even if it's only for a quick run.