Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Healing, Part 1: Music

Last night, I had ballroom dance class, and wouldn't this chick love those shoes for some Salsa!? Yet, this chick could not handle those heels!

I was not totally in the mood for ballroom dance class. I was hit by a wave of sadness yesterday. Grief -- it comes and goes and comes and goes. That is its nature.

Staying home and wallowing, I knew, was not an option. In the face of grief, like I said yesterday in more words, we must live our lives.

Besides, I knew once I got to class and the music started that I would be transported to that Soul Place where everything is and has been and will be just as it's supposed to be. Everything is always okay right inside this very moment.

Especially when you add in good music.

I find during times of healing that the music I select is extra important. The nutrition value of the music has to be paid close attention to. What am I imbibing and how is it making me feel?

Here are a few things that I find lift my spirits and create Sunshine -- even during times of internal and external Gloom.

The music from this movie may seem a bit sleepy at first, but it lilts and sways like sunflowers in a summer breeze:

Excuse the twelve second commercial before this video starts. The lead singers outfit is totally worth it. Trust me. And I bet you can barely resist bopping in your chair.

I am a child of the '80's but five seconds of this song, five seconds of this man moving, and I am feeling like life is WONDERFUL!

As I said, I am a child of the '80's:

Music washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life.

--Berthold Auerbach, German novelist, 19th C


Kirsten Alicia said...

Great post BlissChick & I love your music choices. I'm also an '80's kinda girl; did you ever come across a song called 'Tainted Love' by an English synth group called "Soft Cell"? The song was originally a Northern Soul classic & this version would definitely be in my top five list. I put it on LOUD, sing at the top of my voice & dance around the house! Guaranteed to blast the blue to infinity & beyond!! :)

belladawn said...

Thank you! You are still an inspiration. I have started doing things that would have terrified me before.

Thank-you as always.