Saturday, January 9, 2010

MusicBliss: Jason Parker Quartet

One of my favorite bloggers is Darrah over at Artcetera. She is definitely a Blisschick, being brave and choosing her bliss.

And her husband, Jason, is one major bliss Dude.

Jazz makes me happy. Brass makes me really happy. When I was looking for music for today, I thought of him.

Bashert is an original composition written by Jason for Darrah. (Here's his website where you could buy and download his recent and past CDs.)


Kate @ Très Lola said...

Jazz is soothing & thought-inspiring. Live jazz is such a great way to spend an evening <3 There is just something about jazz that can transport you to a super-joy filled place.

Emma said...

Ah, sounds great! I love jazz, too.

Em said...

Beautiful. And I love the name. How sweet!

darrah said...

It was so cool to see my Bliss Dude featured on your site today! His music makes me happy and I hope it will make a lot of other people happy, too!

Btw, I'm calling him my Bliss Dude from now on! I think it's pretty fitting.

Jason Parker said...

I'm a Bliss Dude! I'm honored.

Thanks SO much for posting about my music and using "Bashert". And thanks to all for listening. I hope you dig it!


Linnea said...

I love jazz so. much. Thanks for sharing this; it was such a treat to see Darrah and her Bliss Dude, too! (My son also enjoyed it because he's a trumpet player, too.)