Monday, January 11, 2010

A Soul-licious Giveaway Courtesy of Magpie Girl

Many of you probably already read Magpie Girl, but did you know she has opened this great new Soul Care space called Flock?

Though some of the yummy information is available for all to see, there is a membership fee to access the deeper content.

Rachelle is offering a free 6 month membership to one lucky reader of Blisschick. Memberships in the Flock are $45 a month so this is a truly gracious offer.

If you're interested in winning the membership, just leave a comment on this post about what the membership would mean to you.

I (or the Rabbit) will pull a winner on Friday, January 15th. Comments will close for the drawing that morning at 9 AM New York time.

Here's a brief interview with Rachelle, which explains the ideas behind Flock:

One of the projects at Flock is to create customized practices for an eclectic collection of “High Holy Days.” How do you feel the creation of individual-specific rituals and holidays affects overall community (online and/or IRL)?

So many religious communities require strict adherence to a set of practices. The result is that there are always a certain percentage of people within those communities who:

  1. practice the practices even though they don’t get much out of them; or
  2. don’t practice the practices and feel guilty about hiding that from their community.

Our goal in the Flock is to create a set of High Holy Days together where we are sharing an underlying value, or a communal memory, yet we are able to celebrate or commemorate those days with practices that make sense to each person.

The way we do this is to play on the swings. On a swing you push back and then swing up and forward. (This is a common metaphor in post-modern spirituality.) In playing with how we demarcate our year with the High Holy Days, we push back into our history, decide what to take with us, and then swing forward into a creative new future.

In the Flock, we are dedicated to “finding a spirituality that fits” – one that has high functionality and allows you to live with deep authenticity. (Got kids? Make a craft for the occasion. Like cooking? Make traditional recipes. Love solitude? Listen to a meditation in a quiet place. Don’t care about a particular High Holy Day? Skip it! Really. That’s just fine.) There are lots of customize-able spiritual practices in the Flock.

Second, what differentiates Flock from other online workshop sites?

I love online workshops! But I always feel sad to leave the great people I’ve met when the Ecourse ends. I wanted to play with the idea of creating a group that would be on-going – where you could take the courses you were interested in, and remain in touch with the people you met there for long term support, friendship, and encouragement. I call it a “soultribe.” You can join the Flock for just one course – say for our February Read-a-Long—or you can stay all year and grow the connections you’ve made there.

Another way Flock is different from some Ecourses, is that we set a high priority on having a teaching-learning environment. This isn’t one voice sending out lessons on MP3 files. It’s a place to create a common pool of wisdom and to learn from each other’s life experiences. While we do have a staff of professional soulcare providers, we also prioritizing hearing from everyone in the Flock.

And finally, are there other
Magpie Girl projects in the works that you would like to share?

Mmmm! I always have new projects! I’m writing a series of Magpie Girl Guidebooks. The first one, Soulfood: How to cook for a tribe is already available as a free download. (It’s very pretty!) The second in the series, SoulRetreats: How to host a tribe with art and soul, will be available very soon. And I’m really hoping to pick up where we left off with the Do Less Revolution in the Spring. The Magpie Girl mailing list receives discounts on my guide books, or you can follow me on Twitter to know what’s up next!


Karen D said...

this is a great giveaway to offer.
to be part of an online soul tribe is a gift indeed.


lucimama said...

At the moment, my household is operating on severance pay. We're working on building a brand-new business, but uncertain whether it will start providing sufficient income by the time the severance ends. I would LOVE to be able to join this Tribe as a gift until I can afford to join it for pay, because, babies, I need all the soul support I can get right now!

Carmen said...

Fantastic giveaway!!!

teachingwithsoul said...

I Love Magpie Girl! So excited about what she will be launching with "The Flock". I'm in job search status at the moment, so resources a quite limited. The Giveaway, would bless me to be able to be a part of the online soul tribe!

Patti B. said...

I have been looking for a flock for quite some time! I read about Magpie Girl's idea, and I would love to join in, but just like everyone else, I am financially challenged. What membership would mean to me is a warm, supportive community where I can spiritually thrive.

differenceayearmakes said...

How can I resist? I love her 12 High Holy Days.

Brooks Hall said...

Sounds interesting... I like the work of refining/defining meaningful ritual in today's world. Thanks Magpie Girl!

Tiara said...

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the opportunity. It would be a great opportunity to connect with people and build my spirituality, especially with a more diverse group.

Rowena said...

Love Magpie Girl. Love not only the idea of her workshop, but also the way it is organized. Very cool

Allysa said...

I actually let out a little squeal when I heard this what an exciting opportunity. I so badly wanted to sign up for flock when it opened but sadly that is not something my student budget will allow.

Eco Yogini said...

i adore Rachelle's website and thoughtfully creative site!! beautiful.

Being a part of such a safe and nurturing community in order to explore spiritual meanings in my life would be a Gift. I've been struggling with finding my spiritual Self for a years now... and I am so excited by what I read over at the Flock.

Such a beautiful way of Giving and Growing for so many, I would be so lucky. :)


aurora borealis said...

I have a friend already in the flock and could definitely use the support of such a tribe.

Claire said...

sadly i didn't win over at christine's abbey of the arts, but i'm ever hopeful here...
as i wrote at AotA, i'm searching for my tribe... i thought i'd found them a few years ago and blogged and shared with self-taught artists around the world. then i suffered a stroke in 2007(aged 43) and my right side is still paralyzed - hence the lower-case typing - and i cannot make art as i used to...
i KNOW my tribe, my flock is out there and my soul is reaching out...

Heather Plett said...

I love to explore alternate spirituality with fellow seekers. Being part of the Flock would help me shed some of the baggage of "growing up evangelical" while still holding onto the value of faith.

Plus I'm rather fond of Magpie Girl!

Mamma said...

You know when you find a tribe that just feels like a fit? That's exactly what The Flock feels like for me.

This year I'm turning 40 and looking back while at the same time looking forward. I'm trying to figure out what I want my next 40 years to stand for. At the same time, I'm discovering a more creative side to my personality and the words of the (mostly) women who gather together around Rachelle nurture my soul.

Being able to interact with these fabulous people would be bliss.

the holly said...

rachelle truly is one of my heros! i appreciate who she is and how she has lived her life. just being around her, even virtually, encourages me to be the person i want to be. so, soulcare, i would love thee.

Kimber said...

At 43, I'm at a crossroads... there are still many loose strings and many potential paths for me to follow, but sometimes I have a difficult deciding what needs to be done first!

I think Flock might be the perfect opportunity! It looks like it would be a great place to find a Tribe to feel a part of. Being in the SE US, I find little support or understanding of where I am in my life. Bucking the status quo is a major no-no!

Well, for whoever wins, I hope it provides a wonderful jumping off experience!

Sherri said...

What a great way to celebrate the opening of the Flock. I'm sure whoever wins will have a magical experience.

Emil said...

I've been following MAgpie Girl for a while now, and love some of the insights she's offered her readers. I'm sure that Flock would really be a great way to make time for more "soulcare"!

Dazzle said...

A gift. An opportunity. A place to contemplate, support and nurture others and be blessed by that support in return. A place to learn to spread my wings and fly. To embody Love, Beauty and Creativity.

Thank you for your work and thank you for this opportunity!


cynthia said...

I'd love the opportunity to grow in community with women, to share the experience of reading together, celebrating together, creating together. I long for the female connection.

Helen said...

I love to celebrate High Days and Holy Days and seek the meaning in the 'ordinary' days in between. I love to creatively reinvent old traditions in new ways. What made me think I was the only one who loved such things? I'm taken aback and thrilled to discover there's a whole community of people out there who are 'the same' as me. Would love to join them. So thanks for the opportunity.

Rachelle Mee-Chapman said...

Wow, I can't tell you how nice it's been to read all of your comments. The last few days have brought two deaths and an earthquake into my circle of friends, and your kind words and inspiring hopes have really shored me up.

I can't wait to see who wins the Flock membership!

Thank you Christine.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
(Magpie Girl)

S. said...

I have been reading MagpieGirl consistently for about three years now, ever since I stumbled across the Urban Abbess site. I would love to be a part of Flock and bring more community into my spirituality!


Ami said...

What a generous offer from Rachel. I would love to be part of the Flock, as I've been struggling in my own spiritual journey for a couple of years now and spend a lot of time wondering what it really means to me to be spiritual. It would be great to have a community of others who are creating their own spiritual paths to walk with.

Thanks so much for this giveaway opportunity!

Anonymous said...

just like so many others, i suffer from financial difficulties right now. i'd find the membership to flock meaningful because i've just started a new life in a foreign country and due to not being able to work here yet, i have a lot of juicy free-time on my hands that i'd love to devote to lots of soul care.

thanks for the opportunity to enter the raffle!
- Gwen

Anonymous said...

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