Thursday, February 18, 2010

40 Delightful Dee-lights: Won't You Join Me & Make Your Own List?

I love this! Megan over at Limitless Living took my 40 Days to Delight in Your Body dare really seriously, and by "seriously" I mean she is going for it!

She has created this cool list of 40 things she could do during these 40 days, and she was a good girl and paid attention to the Rules! She is only listing things that are Fun!

You don't have to make such a list, of course, but if you do, leave a comment here so we can all benefit from each other's Ideas of Fun & Delightful. (Or just leave a comment with a few ideas!)

Now I am pretty "in" my body. I do ballet, yoga, and some other form of dance almost every single day. This does not mean, though, that I am always conscious, always nice, always good to myself. I have issues with rest, as I have mentioned.

I'll keep these things in mind as I make my list:

1. Take a walk to and in our city cemetery.
2. Go outside and find everything that is growing.
3. Read fiction.
4. Read poetry.
5. Go see Alice in Wonderland and eat greasy popcorn!
6. Henna my hair. (Should read: "Have Marcy henna my hair." Giggle)
7. Purchase some real dance clothes -- not yoga clothes.
8. Go to another public ballroom dance.
9. Watch professional ballroom dance videos.
10. Begin the Season of Painted Toe Nails.
11. Acupuncture. Never done it. Need to try it.
12. Sing.
13. Sing some more.
14. Go to hear live music.
15. Repeat.
16. Make friends with my thighs. (Or at least start negotiations)
17. Buy a new lip color balm thing.
18. Wear my tiara.
19. Wear more sparkles.
20. Take a day with no internet.
21. Create a pre-dance self-blessing. (Thanks, Rebecca!)
22. Write down my Biggest Dream Life Ever.
23. Wear my tutu for no reason.
24. Plan our flower gardens -- an exercise in Imagining Beauty.
25. Do Kundalini Yoga breathing exercises before bed.
26. Be brave -- I'll need this in a couple of weeks when I start teaching yogadance!
27. Get rid of all my clothes that are too big. (A Big Act of Faith!)
28. Go to the art museum in Cleveland with Marcy on her birthday weekend. (Weather permitting.)
29. Watch a favorite funny movie.
30. Write someone a letter -- on PAPER.
31. Eat by candle light more often.
32. Make homemade soup.
33. Sit on the front stoop in my snow pants on a clear night to stargaze.
34. Get a red velvet cupcake at Starbucks (I always freaking resist!).
35. Go for Martinis with friends for no reason.
36. Send flowers to someone for no reason.
37. Have an outdoor fire on the equinox no matter the weather.
38. Wear my "diamond" sandals the SECOND the snow is gone.
39. Read a biography of a daring, glittering woman. (Any suggestions?)
40. Be grateful.

Your turn!


Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

Christine, I know it won't offend you if I don't participate in your 40 day things...however...I am enticed enough to creat a list of 40 intentions for myself to do over the next 40 days to lift my spirits (low due to PMS and the winter blahs) in order to fortify myself against wanting to crawl under the covers. Thank you for sharing YOUR list, I absolutely can see doing some of these things for myself too.

Self-nurturing, just what I need during this depression, but oh so hard to do when I just want to abandon all that is food for my soul.

THank you , Thank you!

Peace & Glee,

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

You know what Christine, I've gone and wrote about this on my blog (yet to be posted), and while I've been working it out in my mind, I'm realized I am totally on board with your version of Lent...


differenceayearmakes said...

Oh, this was the most fun to come up with - just looking for delights.

Megan said...

Love the cemetery idea! I'm totally going there for one of my walks. Acupuncture is cool, I've had it a few times - works great for asthma.

Did yoga yesterday, today I've decided to paint my nails!! I think I might add a few off your list onto my list :).

Susanne said...

Christine, I LOVE it!! I'm going to blatantly steal some of yours -- love the Painted Toenails thing, totally doing that -- & will add some of my own. And I did one last night before I even had a list. I live in the Pacific NW in rain forest country and, yes, Virginia, we do get rain. This winter has tried even my patience with seemingly non-stop torrential downpours, days of raging storms & literally weeks of sunless fog & mist.

Then: Last night it was very cold and so clear the sky was nothing but stars. I live a quarter mile from the ocean with nothing between it and me but forest, & a week of storms had the surf just roaring. I put on a ton of clothing & made a thermos of hot tea & went out onto the deck at 10PM and lay back in a chair & just let the sound & starlight soak into me. Mars was above me, Orion to my right, the Dipper to my left & the Milky Way tearing a swath right overhead and it was glorious!

So you go & put on those snow pants & get yourself out there tonight, girl! My west coast cold doesn't begin to compare to your Eastern lakeside cold (been there, done that), but the magic is there. And thanks again for this delicious idea! Only 39 to go!

Ashley said...

You've probably already read them but the Diaries of Anais Nin are my recommendation for your "read the biography of a daring glittering woman."