Sunday, February 7, 2010

Embodiment This Week: Ending February 7th

Part of embodiment is listening to what your body needs and wants in terms of nutrition. Right now, I am just crazy about citrus. I'm eating a large navel orange or grapefruit just about every day. Yum.

And I'm still doing the breakfast smoothie that I talked about last week.

Listening like this has led to a decrease in simple carbs. I've tried to cut those in the past, but it came from this place of "should" and it never worked. Now it's naturally coming from this place of listening. Cool.

In terms of movement this week, I have greatly increased my time spent dancing and doing yoga, and now I even start my day with ballet, which makes me happy in ways that are unexplainable.

What I've noticed about all of this is that my range of motion and my strength continue to improve in small ways every day. At this point, I am easily as flexible as I was at the age of sixteen, if not slightly more!

I know that by the time I turn 42 at the end of this year, I will be in the best shape of my life. Period. Aging!? HA! I laugh in your face!

How about you? What's your body up to? Are you paying attention to her/him?


Laura Hegfield said...

Yes. Most definitely. For me the key is to rest when my body says rest, and then I have the energy I need to move gently through my days. How wonderful for you to feel so physically fit. I felt that way this summer when I was walking 7 miles a day. I felt wonderful! Who knows, maybe this spring will bring renewed strength to my body after resting well this winter.

Lisa said...

Yep. Listening closely.

Out of homeostasis these days.

Citrus is NOT my friend :-0

Neither are soy and nutritional yeast :(

Doing a cleanse this week to re-balance.

In addition, yoga, yoga, yoga, chanting, candle-lighting, breathing, hot baths...

My body does not like Ohio winters!

Amy said...

LOVE that photo!

karmacoy said...

My body (and mind and spirit) has been needing more yoga instruction.
So I just signed up for a yoga class and I feel so much better already after the firts class on Monday evening.
And Mangoes.
Lots of Mangoes!!

Jeanne Klaver said...

I try to pay attention. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes...not, but then I try again.