Sunday, February 14, 2010

Embodiment This Week: Ending February 14th

(Local vegetarian/vegan cafe, The Singing Bowl)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay, okay...not everyone does this "hallmark" holiday, and I certainly have scorned it aplenty in the past. But what about LOVE? One day a year focused on love?! I am changing my perspective on this and embracing the whole, schmaltzy thing. Officially. Right now. (There are plenty of reasons to join me; take your pick.)

Besides, Gala Darling is doing this totally cool Radical Self Love thing, and anyone who wears shoes like this should be obeyed. Seriously.

Selfish, selfish, some of you are whispering at the concept of focusing on your Self, but it is only by radically loving who you are that you will ever be able to accept and love others. It is only by doing what you were born to do that you will ever be able to inspire anyone else to do the same.

I've had my say.

Ever since I saw the Radical Self Love challenge, it's been sitting in my brain. I wonder, what would radical self love look like, and here are some things I came up with:

Radical Self Love means my body parts are no longer pulled apart and scrutinized but appreciated for what they can do. I mean, I have the most amazing flexibility and I am strong and I can move like very few people. So there!

Radical Self Love would mean that I would take my own Dreams & Ideas as seriously as I take those of my friends, and I would put the same unadulterated energy into my stuff as I do theirs.

Radical Self Love would mean that I would listen to more Blondie. (Sorry -- Heart of Glass (ha!) just came on my Scissor Sisters Pandora station and I couldn't resist.)

Radical Self Love would allow me to be as enthusiastic as I feel all the time. I would never again squelch my personality for fear of being Silly or Too Much.

Radical Self Love would be So Completely Shiny. I would not buy the more Sensible shoes ever again. I would not fear Standing Out. I would not make myself smaller in any way just to make other people comfortable.

Radical Self Love would also include more bubble bath, more specialty chocolates, Much More Dancing (I know -- HOW can I fit it in!?), but also taking Rest more seriously, these roller skates (yes, I am obsessed), only listening to music that makes me Pleasantly Hyper, Diving Into Every Day wearing something like this by necessity, but having the opportunity to often wear something like this, more time places like this, and, in general, much more time sharing it all with her.


Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

Oddly enough Christine, I too am revisting my reasons for NOT celebrating this card day. It IS a day of focused LOVE< and if not today (becasue let's face it, we all get caught up with life the other 355 days). I have kids too, and while I don't want the focus on chocolate and other materialistic stuff, I would like to be a model for gestures of love...even an overabundance of them particularily today. Who knows what could shift...who knows what could power could be released through the power of Love. *whew* I didn't know I was so passionate about this until I just sat down to write here....thank YOU!

Peace, Glee & LOve,
WRO xo

differenceayearmakes said...

"..I would not make myself smaller in any way just to make other people comfortable..."


And whoa do I love that red dress!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Heart Day to you, Marcy, Miss Zoe and all the kitties!

Laura Hegfield said...

LoVe right back at you Christine! I really enjoyed your self love list...I'm not much of a hallmak holiday gal myself...every day is a day for love, for gratitude...and yet having a special reminder every year is a pretty good idea, isn't it?

I'm so happy to have met you here learn from you and witness your shininess whenever I stop by!

onasilentsea said...

i've never been a fan of this day either. but this post put it in a new light. and self-love...self-love. yes, i need more of that. thank you for this post!

Elize said...

so true!! I say that a day to celebrate LOVE is a wonderful thing... particularly when we don't limit love to one type/definition/expectation...

Here's much love to you & happy sparkling!!

Katherine Jenkins said...

I love your self love all starts with ourselves and radiates out from there. Thanks for radiating bliss and positivity. There is a Sunshine Award waiting for you on my blog and I also wonder if you'd like to write for the very uplifting blog as Writers Rising. We have over 20 authors.
let me know @ my e-mail