Saturday, February 13, 2010

An Explanation of YogaDance by a Founder of Dance Kinetics

While studying YogaDance at Kripalu, I was lucky enough to have two hour-long classes with Dan Leven, one of the original founders of Kripalu Dance Kinetics, which then evolved into YogaDance. Dan now has his own modality called Shake Your Soul.

They are all very similar in their approach to dance as healing, and Dan does a great job in a very brief video of giving you a real sense of what I now do.


Elize said...

Christine, this is so interesting! I relate to losing love of dance through performance study & having to rediscover it after stopping dance... amazing how movement calls us home!
Your classes sound so interesting, what a great merging of purpose, intention and dance!

GlendaM said...

Thanks for sharing the video and your journey. I grew up dancing and loved how it made me feel, but like so many it became more about technique and how others thought of you dancing that I lost touch with it. I have recently started to connect with dance again as I have deepened my yoga practice. Thank you for sharing! I hope your journey continues.


differenceayearmakes said...

How perfect that you have been drawn to this healing art of dance,
how inevitable perhaps.

Sallie Ann said...

This is so great. I've never participated in this program, when at Kripalu. It looks really fun and creative. So excited for you.

Brooks Hall said...

Yes! People need to move.

Jacqueline said...

Wow, Christine, thank you so much for your post and the videos! When I was at Kripalu I saw a YogaDance class but was too shy to go in (even though one of the instructors was waving us in). I think this is an amazing healing (and fun!) modality, and I can't wait to come to one of YOUR workshops!