Monday, February 22, 2010

Sharing in a Friend's Bliss Discovery

When we first met our friend, Chris, it was because Marcy and I were creating a reading event centered on a novel about the holocaust, which happens to be Chris' area of expertise as a college prof.

She and I clicked immediately, and I found myself sharing things with her that I normally only tell people I have known for quite a while and for whom I don't think the information will be too overwhelming. I'm not as private now that I have opened up through blogging, but when I met Chris, I was still a very closed off person.

We also had some shared memories, as she went to Penn State for her PhD (in history) and I went for my undergrad (in English). Her thesis advisor was one of my favorite teachers there.

At that first meeting, we learned about Chris' other side -- her tarot reading. We found this a wonderfully unexpected combination and from then on introduced her to other friends as the "tarot-reading college professor." (geeks...)

Recently, Chris has had a startling thing happen, and she has had to adjust her ideas about her life. It has been difficult and thrilling to watch this. Difficult because you don't want a friend to have hard times and thrilling because it is opening up this whole new life for her.

This past Friday, we hosted a party for Chris and invited friends to come and experience her great skill and amazing intuitive nature as a Tarot reader. It was a success and our friends were impressed by her, as we knew they would be.

I knew this party would help Chris see her life as not in crisis but in transition -- from one type of teaching to another, but I did not know that the night would be a Night of Epiphanies for her, which she wrote about here.

Eventually her blog will cover all sorts of paranormal interests, so you'll want to keep in touch. She's a gifted writer, an intuitive reader, and an awesome dream interpreter, and soon her skills will be available to you online. For now, soak in her wisdom!


Eco Yogini said...

how wonderful to have a party for a transitional time!

Christiana Spiritguide said...

There really are no adequate words to express my gratitude to you and Marcy for all you have done. What a wonderful blessing I was given to have found you as friends. You are amazing people.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You have served as a Midwife to Bliss! Brava! And best wishes and good luck to Christiana Spiritguide in her new life!

Brooks Hall said...

What a beautiful way to show support... You are AWESOME!

Laurina said...

So happy for all of you. It's been amazing for the past few months to follow your own progress in search of 'bliss' but also now to hear the impact you are having on others is amazing...makes me wish I had more bliss-oriented people around me! Oh well, an online community isn't so bad either...just need to speak up and reach out!

svasti said...

Here's an extension of your bliss - in assisting others to find their own! Congrats to Christina as well! Very exciting when new ideas *pop* into life :)

Kiki said...

Thank you so much for pointing us in the direction of Christiana's post. It was so good to have a concrete example of someone so like me following their bliss and instincts as I'm beginning my transition out of academia. She's lucky to have a friend like you to encourage the celebrating of transition!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.