Tuesday, March 16, 2010

40 Days of Delight: Are You Ready for Spring?

(Frozen Lake Erie off one of our beaches.)

At the beginning of Lent, I proposed a different way of approaching this season, and I proposed, in that post, a different sort of Lenten challenge. I asked you, well, dared you to get back into your body and challenge yourself to live through this beautiful and often neglected sensual vehicle.

How has this gone for you? Have you learned anything? Have you done anything unexpected?

A reader of this blog, then, upped the ante by asking us to create lists of 40 dee-lights that we could fall back on when we were feeling unimaginative in our challenges.

Looking over my own list, I realize that I have a ways to go, but that I've also made some strides, very much like the earth right now, I guess. She is awakening but still quite sleepy.

Lake Erie, though frozen in the above photo, is starting to melt. Cracks are forming; water is seeping to the surface.

In front of our house, the crocuses are up and early narcissus and tulips are not far behind.

Birds are singing songs of spring.

This is the 40 days of lent -- a time of thawing that leads to new life.

Are you ready for your own, personal spring? Are you ready to shed the hibernation of winter?

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Rebecca Ellen said...
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differenceayearmakes said...

I'm finding that giving my attention to delights hasn't meant that I do exactly those things on my 40 day list. I just add or change as necessary. I am finding keeping my list on a separate page helps to keep it in my mind.

And since the beginning of Lent I have begun regularly walking almost every day. Maybe it is bringing my attention around and maybe it is the turn around in the weather. Or more likely the Fuzz video (aaaeeeehhh!).

Either way - thank you for the inspiration.

(and I'm having a problem leaving a comment)