Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dance is Magic

(Driftwood on our beach this past weekend.)

Megan from Limitless Living sent me this fabulous quote from the man who was Joseph Cambell's main inspiration in his years as a developing mythologist. That seems full circle to me, considering the first post on this blog was about how inspired I have been by Campbell, whose wife was a pioneer in modern dance, by the way.

Zimmer was one of the first Westerners to really dive into and write about the mythology, ritual, and philosophies of the East, India in particular.

"Dancing is an ancient form of magic. The dancer becomes amplified into being endowed with supernatural powers. His/her personality is transformed... dance induces trance, ecstasy, the experience of the divine, the realization of one's own secret nature, and, finally, emergence into the divine essence... The dance is an act of creation. It brings about a new situation and summons into the dancer a new and higher personality. It has a cosmogonic function, in that it arouses dormant energies which then may shape the world."

-Heinrich Zimmer, Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization

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claire said...

Heinrich Zimmer's book is a great book, a great classic.
That dance is magic, you bring this alive in every post :-)

Have you ever thought of doing liturgical dancing? You are such a deep and brave soul that dancing around an altar would be a great way of expressing your love and connection to the Divine and for those watching you a blessed way to connect with their own inner Divine...

Or having already written a blog on this??

Blessings on your dancing Life!

Lisa said...

Great quote. I was just thinking of dance as full-body mudras...

Rochelle said...

Oh I so needed to read this today as I am trying to get up the courage to go to a 5Rythms/ecstatic dance Friday night - that quote makes me wish I were already there!