Monday, March 1, 2010

Embodiment This Week: Ending February 28th

It has taken me until this morning to realize what I had to say about my Embodiment experience for this past week.

This past week, for me, was all about faith and trust -- in myself and in my gifts, which, ultimately, you could say, is the same as faith and trust in the larger universe, the Infinite Divine, whatever name you like to call it.

I've been taking, as you may know, ballroom dance classes, and this past week, I noticed that I have started to approach it mechanistically. I have been focusing on learning the steps and counting.

This is not my way as a Dancer. It is the way of the other students around me, and I have taken it on.

It reminds me of when I was about 11 or 12, and I was in dance class with some older students, and we were learning new choreography. I was focusing so hard on counting and steps that I was getting frustrated. Suddenly, with absolute clarity, I knew in my heart that I had a gift for dance that many people did not possess and that I could let go and feel my way into an understanding of the movement.

This was not a moment of conceit but one of realizing who I was, the moment when I owned my self.

The next time the music started, I was new, different, shinier. My dancing was forever changed, as was I.

Now I see that this relates to this Sunday's Lenten reading about the transfiguration. I was seeing who I was born to be; I was seeing the beautiful contents of my soul. Of course, life placed a blindfold on me soon after, but I am currently experiencing another transfiguring, a coming back to that person I knew with such clarity at such a young age.

Tonight in ballroom, I will be letting go, seeing that shiny and gifted and changed girl again. I will be my Self. I will, through the wisdom of this body and soul, feel my way back into the movement and the music.


Analiese Marie said...

What a wonderful and powerful moment of clarity! *Happy for you*

Torrie said...

What a wonderful realization to be coming back to the "true self", isn't it? I am going thru the same thing. Just embracing who I REALLY am instead of wishing I was something else. There is so much power in decided to side WITH the universe rather than against it. Keep it going!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

"I was seeing the beautiful contents of my soul." Bliss! THAT is what we all desire to see and feel as much as heavenly possible; our beautiful, beautiful selves.

As always, your words love and comfort me.


Megan Potter said...

My husband is like that with Running and Martial Arts - when he just does them he soars, but when he lets what others say about how you are supposed to learn, or do, them it becomes stiff and difficult.

I always love reading your posts and heart.