Monday, March 29, 2010

Embodiment This Week: Ending March 28th

I love dark beer. Yum. A meal in a glass, we like to say, but I'm learning that that particular meal can be a little too much -- or a little too little.

This past week held a lot of lessons for me about food and nutrition and rest.

I've been so busy with dance classes -- teaching and taking -- that I barely did my own workouts. I only did one morning of ballet. I usually do five. I did not lift weights once. I usually do that about three times a week.

Toward the end of the week, as I tried to incorporate more of my usual levels of activity, it hit me that teaching was kicking my butt. I heard myself thinking, "I'm getting old...this is harder than it would have been ten years ago (insert whiny voice)."


Luckily, there is a part of my brain that is smarter than WhinyChick.

I thought back to the way I had been eating -- or not eating.

We'd been so busy with activities (and lots of socializing) that we weren't fitting in home cooked meals. Let's get real -- we weren't fitting in meals at all. We were eating a lot of appetizer and snack type food.

And drinking a little too much beer for this Chick. Be clear -- "too much beer" for me is anything near a whole one or a bit over. I am a total light weight, which makes me a delightfully cheap date as Marcy would point out.

This socializing also meant we were going to bed way too late. Drinking alcohol close to bed time means interrupted sleep patterns.

It turns out I'm not getting too old for this dancing thing at all (DUH!), but it also turns out that I need proper nutrition and lots of rest (DOUBLE GIANT DUH!).

It's a learning process...

Now more than ever before in my life, what I put in this body impacts my day to day productivity. It was a lot easier to be a little sleepy and a little undernourished when I used to sit at a keyboard all day, but hitting the mat and the dance floor means being fully energized and ready to Go!


Lisa said...

Ah, yes.

Hugs of healing, rest, nourishment, and balance to you, dear Christine :)

Elize said...

oh indeed... thanks for this post, it inspires me with many things I've been mulling over lately! pleasant rests to you :)

claire said...

You are learning all this way faster than I did! Bravo...
You're now WiseChick :-))))

Christine Claire Reed said...

Lisa, thank you.

Elize, Would love to hear more of your thoughts...perhaps you'll blog about it?

Claire, You are way too kind. No wise chick here. You can bet that in another month or even days, I'll be learning all this all over again. I am slow! HA! ;)

Eco Yogini said...

oh I Heart Guinness best of all.... YUM.

I hear ya though, I started walking this winter, and began to notice that I was shrinking... all this extra exercise and I wasn't supplementing it with extra calories to support my health.

what a balance!

Allysa said...

I feel like your duh moment caused an echoing duh moment in me. my inside voice says "Of course you can't survive on beer and icecream Allysa, now eat some veggies"

Linnea said...

My MD believes I may have hypothyroidism (which we're awaiting a blood test to confirm). I exercise almost every day and have still been gaining weight, and my eating habits haven't changed. That's not the only symptom, but it's a biggie.

Let's just say the disappearance of my petite figure is giving me disordered eating thoughts. I NEEDED this post today. Thank you!