Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Look for a New Attitude

(If you're reading in a reader or email, you're missing the new look part of this post! Go directly to the blog to see what's happening.)

This blog and I have come a long way in almost two years.

What started as an experiment in blissful living, including posts about the environment and our car free lifestyle, has evolved, as have I. I can give a lot of credit for my defeat of chronic, life-numbing, sometimes precariously-close-to-death depression to this blog.

I did things I would not have done, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, it was all for the blog. I did things to get photos and content. For the blog.

It turned out that doing for the blog was the same as doing for me.

The experiment here is still about blissful living, but now it's for real. You more hiding the truth of where I've come from. There's more glitter than ever, yes, but that's due to the Truth.

This year's experiment theme is Embodiment. As I find my way deeper into my body, I find my way deeper into my spirit. This is exciting to me and I want to share what I find with others. I want to leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs.

And I want people to know that it's never too late.

I agree with a wise woman of Canada that age is unimportant. She doesn't tell her age or ask people theirs. I agree with her so much that I think it's important that you know how old I am so age does not become your excuse ever again.

If I can go back to dancing at the age of 40, you can certainly get out that camera or those paint brushes or that pair of roller skates.

Dancing has brought me back my precious and glittering soul and so I thought it appropriate that the look of Blisschick be altered to reflect that.

Peace, Bliss, and Ageless Grace & Beauty to All of You, Dear Readers!

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Linnea said...

Beautiful! I love it! It, well, EMBODIES the you I've seen evolve in just the year I've known you!

Emma said...


The new look is wonderful!

Tess said...


Girlie-Queue said...

Can I fall in love with you all over again? I love your tagline, I *adore* your new banner, I melt(as I always do) reading the honest "THIS IS LIFE"ness of your blog. :) Dearest, thanks for being so rockingly awesome.
Yours in bliss♥~S

Kate Austen said...

Hi. I'm new to your blog. I just read this post and it is exactly what I needed to see.

"Its never too late?" Really? I'm beginning to see I have a whole life ahead of me even though I feel like my 20s and the 30s I've experienced so far has been wasted because I didn't know myself and let other people shape me. I need to really let that phrase sink into my soul "its never too late."

I look forward to reading your blog (I'm going to go back and take a scan of previous posts as well).

I know there are many things I want to do and just need the impetus to do them (i.e. writing, photography, yoga, tennis).

Nice to meet you.

StorytellERdoc said...


You outdid yourself. Another great, insightful and poignant post. And your new design rocks. Well done!

Continued good energy from me to you on this journey we call life.


Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

I'm giving you a Standing Ovation!!! I love your blog and you!

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...


I totally know what you mean about the blog provoking such an enormous impetous for personal change, growth. For me, it's because blogging provided me with an opportunity for self-inspection ... each new blogging friend I have met along the way has provided more insight into who I am.

I cannot say that blogging has cured my dibilitating psychiatric condition ~ for me it's no panacea ... nothing really is, IMHO. But, it has provided me with a safety valve ... a space for self-expression.

I have to say, in all honesty, I love this blog header the very best.

Susan said...

Breathtaking, Christine...absolutely breathtaking. Every bit of your blog from the new masthead to your writing. I can see you shine and you inspire me every day. And yes; it is never too late. Once I started to "find me" I at first looked at my life as wasted. I choose now to believe that I will live another entire lifetime...The first half was just practice:)

Christine Claire Reed said...

Thank you all for the thumbs up. :)

Yes, Shamsi, yes. :) (giggle)

Kate -- Get a move on! ha! ;)

Tabitha, Here is me, bowing with a Namaste to you.

Tinkerbell, Yep, just SOME credit to the blog -- it forced me out of a very tight shell, but that was only possible because I'd spent so many years doing other sorts of "work." I think you understand...

Susan, Life is never wasted, ever. Not even if there is no other to come. I believe that my leaving behind dance and then coming back to it at 40 after struggling for so long is all part of a Grand Plan. I would not be the dancer I am now if I had stayed on this path at the age of 20. I bring a sensibility and wisdom to it that only comes with age/experience.

Heather Plett said...

Hey - it looks GREAT! The banner is perfect! Congrats!

belladawn said...

I love your new banner. The old one was great but this one is you.

Susan said...

Thanks Christine...I agree:)

Elize said...

lovely new banner!! feeling so happy & proud FOR you, I'm thankful for your sharing of bliss, it is inspirational :)

Jan said...

I too love your new look. It does sing of bliss and being who you really are. I celebrate the fact that you continue to unfold and live into your essence and live out your inner beauty - and that you inspire us to do the same.

I will miss seeing the Guadalupe on the header but I know she is celebrating you too. :-)

I love that tutu! What grown woman doesn't think back fondly of wanting to wear a tutu! Really!

Carry on with joy and grace and ease. xo

Analiese Marie said...

Love the new look! Especially the idea of "embodiment."

Megan said...


So much in love with the new look and the tagline too! I hope I grow up to be just like you ;).


claire said...

Great new banner, Christine.
I resonate with 'doing for the blog is the same as doing it for me.'
I do not believe you and I are alone in this.

Bethany said...

i like that idea, about age not mattering, esp as I approach 40.
i wonder if one can find a bliss they've never known? a new bliss?
i want to think so.
you are an inspiration.