Friday, March 19, 2010

People with Soul

"Often people with a lot of technique have nothing going on inside...everybody has a soul. When you see people who bare their soul, who are on the verge of being totally ridiculous, you're right there with them."

--Wilhelm Burmann, Ballet Master, Dance Magazine, November 2008

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Jenn said...

Beautiful! And it is always the best invitation to yield first to these conversations... such beauty flows after the doors of spirit are opened! thanks for sharing this today! hugs, Jenn

Kandice said...

This came right on time. Reminds me to dance right where I am at whatever level I am. There are no rules.

Em said...

I just like that it's a reminder that being true is important. Lately I've been working on this fits with putting myself out. (For me it's poetry & writing, rather than dance, but it's amazing how well it fits.)