Friday, April 9, 2010

All Parts of This Life Are Changing...

(One of my favorites of Marcy's newest work. The story cracks me up!)

It takes my breath away when I think about how quickly and completely my life has changed. I will catch myself (or more accurately, Marcy will catch me) thinking that things are moving too slowly, that I haven't accomplished "enough" yet, that I am not "successful." Typical thoughts in this cultural environment in which I find myself.

But...there is this HUGE but...I only started dancing again last July. And really, when I look at the big picture honestly, I only completely committed to this new (old) path some time in October. Barely six months ago.

What? When I tell the true story of it, I can have moments of feeling pretty darn amazed by what has happened to me. I can even go so far as to give myself a little credit.

Right now, all of this change is leaking all over our lives, and I find myself reevaluating everything.

Including something that I didn't expect. There should be drum rolls here, and if you've been reading blisschick for long, you'll know why in a sec...

Yes, I have actually....(dramatic pause)...or we, I should say, have actually been contemplating getting...a car.

There. I said it. A car.

We've been car free (and very intentionally) for almost 9 years now. NINE years. We rent occasionally; we accept offered rides in bad weather. But for the most part, for nine years, we've been committed to walking, biking, and public transportation.

It has changed our lives in too many amazing ways to mention here. We could write a book about the unexpected impacts.

But now...we are re-thinking how a car would expand my teaching opportunities. It would make it easier for me to go to trainings and workshops.

Yet there are an equal number of reasons why the answer should be No. How fast would we be back to the car-reliant ways of most Americans? How fast would we become part of that tribe called the "Busy's?" How soon would we notice a loss of contemplative discernment about how we utilize resources, including our time and personal energy?

I'm completely flummoxed about this. From hour to hour, I am confident that Yes is correct, and then the next hour, I am back to a steadfast No.

Sigh. Writing this has brought me no closer to a final decision.

I will just keep dancing on it and see what happens.


Rachel@SuburbanYogini said...

The car question is a hard one. As you know we only recently committed to being car free because my last car died and we decided not to get a new one.

Himself can't drive, so it's never a decision for him and we rent cars when we need to and the price of car tax and petrol in the UK... well you can get a lot of taxis for that money.

So far my teaching hasn't been hampered by the lack of car, although I have had to turn down one opportunity.

Like I say it's a tough question. You want to spread the yoga dance word as far and wide as possible but you want to look after the planet.

I guess you could just make sure you don't ever use the car unnecessrily. If you are going somewhere that public transport or bike is feasible don't use the car. Save it for the long journeys, or journeys where you have to take a lot of stuff. One of the things I always found about the car was sometimes you drive when really you should walk...

Tess said...

Yikes, I don't know what to say, you and Marcy have been my role models in considering my own decision (not yet made) whether to go car free. No pressure though!

Lisa said...


Interesting, indeed.

You *can* have both/and instead of either/or.

Even though I still own a car (no payment on it since 1999!), the way I view and use it now has changed a great deal. Thanks, in part, to you and Marcy, I am much more mindful and conservative. We plan our trips differently (even the ones to the store!) and consider alternate modes of transportation when possible.

Blessings and wisdom to you as you contemplate this decision, dear Christine.

svasti said...

If it's a matter of need/assisting you in your teaching and learning, then I think that's valid.

How often you then use a car when you don't need to is up to you. Having had a car for many years and now not having had one for almost two years, there's very few times I miss it. But then, I live alone. I rent one if I need to (from my cool car share service). And I get around on my bike a lot, living pretty centrally as I do.

BUT if for example, I got married and had kids, or developed a business that required me to travel, it would make sense to get a car again.

I would hope though, that I'd keep up my walking and cycling habits for local activities. You and Marcy have each other to remain accountable on that front.

Geez woman, if you need a car then go for it. I think you've earned it!

Linda-Sama said...

if not having a car inhibits you from teaching more (and consider that your dharma in the yogic sense of the word) or traveling to workshops, then why would you do that?

as for...

"thinking that things are moving too slowly, that I haven't accomplished "enough" yet, that I am not "successful.""

I've been told more than a few times, the most recent being yesterday, that I will not even begin to reach my potential in my dharma until I am past 60. I will be 56 next month. I still have much marinating and cooking left to do. it's a slow, delicious ride, my dear, enjoy it....;)

Katherine Jenkins said...

A very tough decision. I also spent "years" living in Asia without a car, but the public transpo (subway, bus, etc.) is excellent in Korea/Japan. In the USA, it's often hard to get around without one and many areas don't have any public transportation. I think I agree. Walk, bike or bus where you can and take a car when you need to. My husband bikes to his yoga school, which is down the street from us. He purposely made his school close by so he could do that. His biz partner also bought the house next to us so he could do the same. But they both have cars and if they need to go on an extended trip, they drive.

Laura Hegfield said...

I seem to have developed tendonitis or some kind of over use injury in my left wrist and hand...making typing painful for I might not be blogging as much for a while... this includes commenting on your amazingly inspiring blog-and this is soooooo hard for me. (this is kind of a form message I've typed and am copying and pasting at all my customary blog hangouts. Sorry it must seem completely random in relation to your post) But I can still read your posts- I will be present to you in a quiet way-reading and viewing your words and images, and leaving a simple ☺
to let you know I have dropped by and am thinking about you.

Gentle steps,

Carolynn said...

We have a company here called Zip Car. Basically, you pay a membership fee to join the system. They have cars parked throughout the city and when you need one, you book it and pay accordingly. A number of people I know use it and it's a great alternative to the conventional method of renting (very expensive) or owning (also very expensive).

I currently own and that choice has been the right one for me, although it's probably my biggest expense next to my mortgage. I did go without a car for a winter and ended up paying way too much for taxis or standing in the cold & rain waiting for buses that seemed to be perpetually late. two cents.

P.S. Thanks for your supportive comments about my new 'look'. *smile*

Em said...

I've been without a car for 3 years now & am in the middle of looking for one right now. I'm moving from a ridiculously large city (Los Angeles) with a terrible public transportation system (horrid, truly)to a smallish town. How much I use the car will depend entirely upon where and what hours I work. But no matter what, I'm going to need a car.

LAURA: If using a computer is something you have to do for work, you may want to look around your computer, you may have a voice recognition program in there somewhere. Look under Accessibility programs. :) If not, there are a bunch of freebie voice recognition programs, though I don't know how well they work.

awakedreamer said...

Although I have never commented on your Blog before, I just want to say you are truly inspiring. I read your blog a lot and being in the middle of aspiring to my dreams, I feel we have much in common. I love your new heading picture. Keep up the good work, the world is better for it.