Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coming Out with My Fears

This is the piece in the local paper that I mentioned yesterday. You can click on it and it should get larger and readable.

When I agreed to be a part of this, there was no thinking about it. I just did it.

But Marcy pointed out to me that even a year ago, I would have been totally freaked out by the idea of being so public. So seen.

And my neighbor (and our very good friend) said to me last night, "That was really brave."

I hadn't thought of it like this.

The changes that happiness generates are rather amazing and it's exciting to uncover more and more of them every day.


Linnea said...

Oh, Christine, I was eight, too. I remember that first feeling so acutely: sitting in my third-grade classroom, staring at my shoes, wanting to drop through the floor.

You're such an inspiration. And you and Marcy should win the Couple of the Millennium award, if there were such a thing.

Linda-Sama said...

awesome, christine!

"That was really brave."

people said the same thing to me when I first went to India five years ago, because I was (am) a woman of a certain age and went by myself, having never been overseas in my life.

it really amazed me how much fear people allow to be in their lives. I talked with suburban women who told me that they are afraid to go into Chicago (HUH?!?) and they couldn't believe I would go to India by myself.

Brooks Hall said...

What a great article! Beautiful and Awesome!

Linda-Sama said...

p.s. love what you say about "live in your body." I'm sure you see as a yogadance teacher (and I have as a yoga teacher) how disconnected from the body so many people are.

Buddha's First Foundation of Mindfulnes is on the BODY....

Christine Claire Reed said...

Linnea, Hmmm...more of how we are connected. ;)

Linda, yes. Students are surprised by how many of their parts actually can MOVE. HA! But then...then the dropping back into the body...that can be super fast and has been just as surprising to me.

Tess said...

This is great, you are indeed an inspiration!

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

That's so awesome Christine ~ to come "out" for public awareness (rather than to feed one's ego) is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to serve our community. I often get the brave comment too when I talk about my battle with PPD...but like you, I don't think about it as bravery, I think about it as shinning light on a topic that is dark and frightening and lonely.


Carolynn said...

It sounds like you've accepted yourself with love & compassion and there is great joy & peace in that. May we all be so blessed.

Dance on....


svasti said...

This is [to use an Aussie turn of phrase] Bloody Awesome! :D

I know what you mean about the whole public nature of your article. And it was very brave but then by the time we're doing something like this and are okay with it, it usually doesn't feel brave at all.