Sunday, April 4, 2010

Erie YogaDance: Come Dance with the Chick

Today, I was honored to be featured in our local newspaper's women's supplement. They wrote about overcoming fear, and the section about this Chick was the story of my depression and the final defeat of the worst parts of my depression through the power of Dance.

If you live in Erie, I invite you to come to one of my YogaDance classes and experience the transformative nature of authentic movement.

You can read about what I do and where I do it, over here.

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Heather Plett said...

Very cool! Congrats!

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Awesome! And congrats to you for this; what a coup, for you.

At the risk of sounding like a skeptic or nay-sayer, I guess the only other thing I have to say is ~ would that conquering the demon called depression were that easy.

I'm glad that you and others have found a "cure" thru yoga, dance, etc ., but I sort of tire of hearing how depression can be cured so simply; I find this unpalatable because it trivializes the virulence of depression. How many afflicted have been told to just "snap out of it" ...? This sorta sound to me like just another way of saying that. It's not always that simple.

Hoping you had a blessed easter.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Wow, Tinkerbell, I am not only hurt but insulted.

I have spent 30 freaking years working hard in this life NOT to want to DIE and I am tired of people who are so afraid of those of us who actually get better and find happiness.

I am sorry you cannot.

But I did and it was neither "simple" nor "quick" and perhaps you should try to remember all that you have read here before you comment like this.

Marcy Hall said...

i'd like to comment here, too, to say this to tinkerbell: overcoming depression is not easy. no one snaps out of it. that is the whole point of blisschick, the whole point of finding a bliss path-- it's finding a way to fight off that depression every single day.

i have watched christine struggle through her life for the past 15 years, not wanting to get out of bed, wanting to die (passively) through not living, feeling like she's worth nothing in this life and will never do anything of value. over the past 8 months, i have watched her bloom into a new person, not by snapping out of it, but by working her ass off to make a decision to CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY each and every day. dancing helps her to make that decision, and it has changed her into a new person, who is now on the path she was meant to be on.

i am so proud to call her my partner. i hope that someday you, too, can find the thing or passion in your own life that will help you make better choices.