Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Thursday & Humility

This post was written on Tuesday. I knew at that point that I would want some time this week to think and to listen and to just be.

The Thursday evening mass of Holy Week was always one of my favorites of the year. The priests come down into the main aisle of the church and wash the feet of some of the parishioners. A true symbol of service when you think about what feet must have been like in Christ's time and in that place. Feet that were not pre-washed and placed in their best socks or nylons and then into their best shoes.

No, the feet that Christ washed would have been encrusted with dirt and they were in sandals that were the same. Very. Unpleasant.

I just glanced out my writing room window and noticed for the first time that the buds on the willow have started to burst open and reveal their chartreuse treasures.

Here, in this part of the country, we still have some winter weather ahead of us. There is always a heavy, wet snow that sits on top of the yellow forsythias and the pink tulips. It pulls newly greened branches, bowing, all the way to the ground. Every year, I stand at the kitchen window and worry that this year, the load will be too great to bear.

But it never is. The snow melts and the branches reach their arms back up toward the sun.

Though there are tough times ahead, the great anticipation is over. Spring is here and summer always follows.

When was the last time you served someone from deep humility? When was the last time you expressed your essence without worrying about what would come of it?

What chartreuse treasure lies in wait inside you?


tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

The load is never too heavy to carry ~ we only think it is. We're never given a load to carry that we cannot bear.

Chartreuse treasures ~ many here. And crimson, and the pinkest pink, and magenta, and yellow. Spring is waaaay early here ~ by at least 2 weeks.


claire said...

What chartreuse treasure lies in wait inside of me?

Surrender, maybe, Blisschick. Surrender to what I can and cannot do, surrender to the transcendent?

At any rate, thank you for showing me that such a treasure lies in wait inside of me.

Happy Easter to you and Marcy.