Monday, April 19, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It truly is spring. Outside and in, it seems.

Marcy and I have been spending a lot of time with Ideas lately. Dreaming, imagining, making lists, giggling, making more lists.

My apple green desk is covered in little slips at the moment.

As we quickly approach Beltane (May 1st), I know we will need to transition from Dreaming to Doing. Beltane is a fire festival, full of energy, marking the beginning of the growing season.

Here at our house, we placed the first seeds in the ground a week ago, so by the time of this festival, we should have some very tiny greens starting.

The lists on my desk are also tiny seeds in need of sun, rain, care, and time. Like with growing your own vegetables, there is a precarious and precious balance between human intervention and allowing things to be.

This is where I tend to get stuck.

How about you? Where in the creative process do you tend to slow down or stop? When is it most likely that your garden will be overcome with weeds?


Tess said...

Well talking about literal weeds, I just missed that weekend. You know the one: when everything has started rampantly growing and if you don't cut back NOW, you'll be fighting a losing battle until next winter.
For me the creative process gets stuck around distractions. When I feel I'm getting close to something important the fear grows that I won't get there, so I make sure of it. Self-sabotage is a dreadful thing and may just be the real original sin!

Paige said...

I don't prioritize well. I'm incredibly creative, so I have a million ideas but I want to do all of them! And I have a family and kids and responsibilities and such. So I'm trying to learn to choose a few great, possible ideas and really focus on those.

Like now, my focus is on our garden and eating better and fresher in general (our little urban garden is about 3/4 planted) and shooting my film (shooting is scheduled every weekend in July).

I also like to break things into little pieces. My film is something I've been working on for a long time but I had a hard time starting cause it just seemed overwhelming. So I started with my script, which is now done. Next is the actual shooting. Then I'll worry about editing, sound, and packaging.

Lisa said...

My personal garden becomes overcome with weeds when I allow outside influences to affect it too much ~ instead of trusting the inner wisdom of who I am, what I want, and the natural cycles of my own growth.

Right now I am being strangled by the weeds of a stale life routine and long term relationship that neither nourishes me nor inspires my creativity. Like the dry, tangled brush left over from last year's garden I feel dried up, broken, spent, and barren.

I am in desperate need of some Miracle Grow!!!

Laurina said...

This post comes at such a perfect time for me...I realize that I'm great at dreaming..and then that's all I end up doing,...dreaming.... followed by little action! I need to start pulling out the weeds, methinks :) Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts, they are just so helpful and inspiring..and beautifully written

Laura Hegfield said...

I think for me it is the distractions of being a Mom and all that entails...the business and full time attention (even though the girls are getting older) tends to pull on me...and then all the other house hold distractions.

What helps is committing to "me" time, valuing the importance of refilling my well so I can be there for them. So that means taking time to write, photograph, make collages, sit and meditate...when I realize "me" time isn't happening in large quantities, then I look at that and say, "ok 5 minutes of this today"...then the next day maybe 10...eventually I'll ramp up again into a longer period of creative flow...always being gentle and recognizing that ebb is part of's really ok to have periods of fact it is essential for the creative well to refill.

claire said...

I will be returning to our garden five months after having left it. So many weeds. The grass is as high as my waist.
Within a couple of days, the garden will resurrect. Within a couple of weeks, it will look lived in.
I look forward to working in the garden, on my knees, my hands in the earth. I start praying the minute I am on my knees.
And I am never alone in the garden. Sometimes Mary keeps me company. Sometimes Jesus. Sometimes a dead one...
And then of course, weeding the garden means that I weed my heart and mind as well.

Happy Gardening, Christine & Marcy!

Rowena said...

I get all gummed up after I've thought about an idea, worked on it and brought it to bloom... but then something happens... I get nervous and scared I'll do something wrong, I fuss and worry, and then run away screaming before it can come to fruition.

I'm feeling a little dramatic tonight, but I'm sticking with my story.

Ann Flower said...

A stunning photo of beautiful flowers. Thanks so much for posting these incredible delights of nature.

belladawn said...

I started my seedlings in my house long before the threat of first frost had come and gone. I got so excited, I planted them and forgot to think about what was going to nourish these little plants. Not so different from my own life.

Here is a little message I found a long time ago. I would like to share with all of you.

The Greenhouse of the Heart

Think for a moment of your heart as a greenhouse...And your heart, like a greenhouse, has to be managed.
Consider for a moment your thoughts as seed. Some thoughts become flowers. Others become weeds. Sow seeds of hope and enjoy optimism. Sow seeds of doubt and expect insecurity.
The proof is everywhere you look. Ever wonder why some people have the Teflon capacity to resist negativism and remain patient, optimistic and forgiving? Could it be that they have diligently sown seeds of goodness and are enjoying the harvest?
Ever wonder why others have such a sour outlook? Such a gloomy attitude? You would, too, if your heart were a greenhouse of weeds and thorns.