Monday, April 5, 2010

I Believe in Miracles & Muchness

Yesterday, I was super excited to share with you about a local newspaper piece in which I was highlighted. Well, my struggle with depression was highlighted and how I finally came out the other side after many decades thanks to my love of and commitment to my dancer path (along with too many other components to mention here).

When I say it's never too late to embody your bliss, I am talking from deep and dark experience. And I am doing so from the age of 41.

Lately, I have learned something new about people, both in person and online. People who remain stuck (and I certainly have compassion for them...) do not like when someone gets unstuck.

Though we are quick to acknowledge someone defeating a life-threatening physical illness, we are just as quick to point out to people who have suffered from mental illness that it "never really goes away."


I have had a friend recently blatantly avoid me. I am too happy now for her.

I have had other people tell me of the friends they lost once they got better and started to thrive rather than just survive. Those are friends we do not need.

Over the weekend, Magpie Girl wrote a manifesto of sorts about her beliefs, and I would like to join in.

Here's what I believe.

I believe in Miracles.

I believe that on any day, at any moment, we can Become Brand New.

I believe that our brains can change in one life time.

I believe that we can overcome anything.

I believe in the Ultimate Power of Love. I believe that Love transforms us.

I believe in Resurrection, Redemption, Transubstantiation, Ascension, Assumption...

Do you see a trend there?

I believe in Possibility times One Gazillion. I believe in Change. I believe in Growth. I believe that Spring is the Ultimate Metaphor for our Literal, Embodied Reality.

The Phoenix rises from those ashes. Christ comes out of the tomb. The butterfly emerges.

I believe that life can be difficult, yes, but I believe that there is Beauty to be found everywhere. Every. Where.

If that is too much, I no longer apologize.

And hold on to your hat, because from now on, at Blisschick, we are all about the daily wonderful, the choices we make to be happy, the steps taken to realize our most powerful dreams, the love love love that makes this world go round, and the music and dance and joy that accompany embodying our fullest potential.

No time for anything else. I am 41 and this Chick is on a Mission.

If you don't feel like giggling or having fun or challenging yourself or feeling your stomach lurch from that high hill over there, you should probably exit this ride.


Megan said...

Love, Love, Love the word Muchness! Great word!!

Equally love the idea of writing down your manifesto... very cool!


Marcy Hall said...


Linda-Sama said...

I have found the same thing along my path, Christine....that the deeper I got, the more I learned, and especially with my trips to India, the more people dropped away.

Amie aka MammaLoves said...

I turned 40 last week. I am so grateful for your quote

"I am 41 and this Chick is on a Mission."

I may co-opt it and modify for myself--and will do so with much gratitude.

Your excitement is infectious!!!!

claire said...

This Chick has been on a Mission for quite a while now :-)) But hey the Mission is getting better all the time!


(I don't know how to show a round of applause...)

Brooks Hall said...

Woo hoo! Good for you!

People can have difficulty with others changing; I have seen it, too. But when someone finds their bliss path it is important to keep walking. Some will get it. Others will resent it.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Thank you all for the support.

Brooks & Linda -- it just has kinda blown my mind that people would react like this. :(

Deb(bie Debbie Doo) said...

"People who remain stuck (and I certainly have compassion for them...) do not like when someone gets unstuck."

It has been my experience also. My life has been pared down in terms of who I spend time with because of this - but I wouldn't go back to being a 'debbie downer' for any amount of 'friends' in the world!

Heather Plett said...

Love this and YOU! Way to rock the miracles!

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hooray for you! I am also 40 and I see so many wonderful things happening around me. I think we choose these. And you are so right. I just got an agent in NYC. She is representing my book Lessons from the Monk I Married. Many celebrated this with me, but some did not want to. I posted recently on my blog about how jealousy is a disease of our society. If we realize that one person's success is a success for everyone... that it's all part of the universal success out there, we surely would be happy for everyone, because we are all connected. Love your post!!

Linda-Sama said...

yes, it used to bother me, but no more. people float in and out of our lives for a reason and I have stopped trying to figure it out. there is nothing to figure out. everything is as it is supposed to be at that moment. even if it is "bad."

you might want to read about my "bliss" in my post today.


Linnea said...

Your playing small doesn't serve the world.

No matter where I am vis-a-vis where you are, I'll cheer you on. If I'm inspired along the way, so much the better.

In this angry, depressed world, we need all the giggles we can get -- so sign me up!

Carolynn said...

Yay, You! You go, Girl.

I believe the same things. I also believe in angels, the towering, kick-ass variety. *grin*

Have a fabulous day!


Tiara said...

Whenever I read "I believe in Miracles" my brain goes "...where ya from, You Sexy Thing?!" :P

StorytellERdoc said...

You double Rock, C! Or Rock squared! (Either way, more rock than M gave you! LOL).

Awesome article, btw. Keep the journey going.

Lisa said...

Whenever we put ourselves 'out there', we become the mirror for others. Often (most often, I find) it is too hard/painful for them to reflect on themselves and they choose to attack or demean us instead.

We have had the blessing of waking up. As such, we now realize we were once asleep. The challenge then becomes having grace and compassion with those who are still asleep (or drowsy at best) while continuing to embrace our awakened state and live our bliss.

I am SO happy for you, dear Christine! I look forward to following your exciting, abundant journey. I celebrate your growth, health, and happiness!

You continue to inspire me :)

holly- uk said...

i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your manifesto christine!!!! your wisdom and writing is amazing!!
i always can relate to what you write! i love how deeply personal your writing can be!! i love your daily blog about bliss and the hard work and the bits on transformation!!
in fact iam going to write your manifesto in my goddess journal just to inspire me, im sure you wont mind hehehe!!! much love holly-uk xx

svasti said...

Yeah, I know about that thing too, where friends fall away. People talk about 'fair weather friends', but there are also those friends who can't stand too much fair weather. They actually find it easier to be friends with people who are wounded and broken for various reasons.

And when things change and we do recover, because we CAN recover [*high five*], those 'bad weather friends' can't relate. It's nothing personal of course...

On first reading this sentence: "I am too happy now for her." I interpreted it in my mind as "I am happy for her now." And I read the "too" as if you were "very" happy for her. And maybe you should be? Maybe she's off doing whatever it is she needs to be doing now?

In any case, that you're in a place to write your manifesto here speaks volumes. :)

Allysa said...

Thank you, you are so helpful when I forget; about light and spring and healing, so thank you.