Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost in So Much-ness of the Unhelpful Variety

Yesterday, on my way to the peninsula for a walk, I stopped at a local herb shop to get a blue candle, and I found this dancing angel. She is now in my writing space, as you can see.

She reminds me of my center, of what is truly important.

Right now, I need that little reminder, because I am feeling a little lost. I am lost in the Land of So Much: So much information, so much possibility, so much communication, so much chatter, so much interaction, so much choice.

Yesterday I read a post over at Anchors and Masts where Tess helped me to frame what it is that I am feeling right now. She helped me to start anyway.

Framing the question helps us to get to the answer, right?

For today, I'll let the bird song and the sun and the blue sky be my companions. I am thinking they have some wisdom to share.


Tess said...

Hi Christine, thank you for the link and I'm glad I could help you frame the question.
To me, questions are incredibly important in our lives, AND they can be a source of incredible stress and frustration if the right answer doesn't come. Which is why your choice in today's companions is a wise one.

Lisa said...


I've been hanging out in that Land, too!

Maybe we'll run into each other :-o

Right now, I'm in the Forest of Overwhelm. However, I can see the sunlight streaming through the trees and am desperately & daily heeding the call to stop and rest ~ and lay the questions down for a bit.

belladawn said...

I believe I might meet you on that road myself.