Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sister Lake

(Lake Erie, April 2010)

Standing at the edge of our Great Lake, I feel the expansiveness of this living. My breathing slows and deepens, often to the rhythm of the waves hitting the shore's edge, teasing my feet.

I can stand and stare for a very long time, hypnotized by the waves and the wind and the sun dancing like diamonds scattered by a generous goddess.

Inevitably, individual rocks begin to capture my attention. I go home every time with at least two.

Standing in awe of the Big, I anchor myself with the Small details, fearing otherwise I will float away, slide unawares into and under those waves.

Cool rocks on the warm skin of my palms and feet sunk into sand, I feel a-part-of and separate-from simultaneously. The ache of this human life and the beauty are one and the same.


svasti said...

I've a little shell/rock/found object collection, too. Most of them sit on a plate on the windowsill just above my writing desk.

It's good to feel as open as you're feeling right now. Revel in it, for it's the essence of life itself :)

Emma said...

Very beautiful post.

And it must be wonderful to have such a lake to visit regularly. Water helps with so many things.

Christiana Spiritguide said...

a breathtaking post, Christine. Bravo.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Earth Day blessings to you!

Marj aka Thriver said...

I don't know if this reads more like a meditation or a poem. Either way--fantastic! ;)

Susan said...

I also have collected a variety of stones...although I miss the Pacific Ocean I once lived by, so envy what you describe stones are a mixture of colors and textures that changes as I change and grow.

In the past the dark stones, both rough and smooth, sat on the top, but over time I found a few white stones and with even more time some pinkish colored stones...with maybe a hint of sparkle. In the midst is a worn piece of wood that reminds me of the driftwood I used to see on the beach that represents the earth and it's warmth.

I love your writing...and am grateful that you share it and your journey with us here.

Jaliya said...

Christine, I want to thank you for your perpetual joy ... It radiates through you and your writings ... and did you know that "Sister Lake" in all Her forms is seen in the I Ching as the state of Joy ?

bless you and bliss you :-)