Monday, April 26, 2010

Trusting the Rhythm

Marcy and I were working on a new playlist for me to use during my yogadance teaching. It was going really well and then we hit a wall. Or so it seemed. It turned out that one song was out of place, and once we moved that, the rest fell in line.

"This is just the process we go through for these lists. We get excited and then it seems like it's not going to work and then we keep going and it does." I thought I was making an astute observation, until Marcy answered me (and excuse the nickname usage, but I want you to hear her voice).

"That's life, chach, ya know...the hero's journey and all. It's the same for everything."

Playlists and life...all the same.

You start out with an idea of how something will turn out, but joy really depends upon your ability to be spontaneous in the moment, so forks in the road can be met with angst (my first inclination) or excitement (Marcy's first).

The more I dance, the better I get at transitioning more quickly to the excitement mode when I get to that fork. Dancing is all about spontaneity in the moment and I am starting to transfer that to all aspects of my life.

I'm learning to trust in my own sense of rhythm.

That is exactly when things can get truly exciting for the hero on their journey. (She writes as butterflies fill her tummy...)

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Elize said...

fantastic observation!! am experiencing something similar recently regarding my living abroad... and i'm astounded by it. thanks for sharing :)