Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Creating Youth: Going Back to the Garden

Have you spent some time thinking about the definitions of adulthood that have stopped you from living a life that you are totally passionate about? Definitions that make you feel like it's too late or "this is it?"

It's time to get rid of any patterned thinking that prevents you from fully embodying who you were born to be.

As Marcy and I discussed how so many people associate aging with giving up on their dreams, we also talked about what it felt like to be young. Think back to when you were 15 or 17 or 6...

There was Big Passion, I'm sure. Everything felt Giant and Super Important. We weren't numbed yet.

Our schooling goes to great lengths to numb us. Sometimes I think the main point of high school and college is to turn you into a cog, strip you of your individuality, and melt away all the dreams of making this world a better place in your own unique way.

How many of us entered college with a major that completely turned us on and came out with a degree in something that would get us a "career."

Screw careers. I want a life.

I want all of us to ask ourselves, what would our 15 year old or 19 year old self think of us right now?

What would they remind us of?

They would tell us we could do anything, be anything, create anything. They would tell us that nothing is impossible. They would tell us that the only thing worth anything is doing something you love that pushes all your buttons, makes you a bit afraid, feels like the Biggest Risk Ever, puts you in the center of your own movie, turns your life into an adventure!

At that age, we didn't realize that what we wanted to do -- create World Peace, become an innovator in Dance, feed the hungry -- was Impossible.

This is where "Ignorance is Bliss" is true.

We were Ignorant of Impossibility.

At 41, I lay in bed at night and wonder who the hell I think I am. Who thinks she can return to dance at this age!? And accomplish anything!?

At 17, I laid in bed seeing the results of my accomplishments, just assuming it would all come to me.

I want that back. How about you?

I don't want to know that I should be ashamed of my naked desires. I don't want to "tone it down." I don't want to "act my age."

What can we do to change this for ourselves and others? What would you be willing to commit to?


Emma said...

I know exactly what you're talking about with these posts.

"Screw careers. I want a life."

Love that. That's been my motto all along, but still this, that, and the other happened and I ended up in a soulless, "adult" life that I hated.

Now that I'm undoing that...I know it's going to be good, but it's also really scary. The confines of the cage give us some kind of comfort even as we complain about it each day. It's a very defined, accepted, approved desperation.

One thing I have tried to do is talk to younger people and say: "You CAN do whatever it is you are dreaming. Don't believe anyone (including yourself) who says you cannot. Do it!" I want to keep saying and that also demonstrate it by living it.

I also want to participate in projects that create more alternatives for people. Our area has a "time bank" that I'm about to join. The time bank lets you offer your skills, services, knowledge, etc. and you earn credits that you can exchange for other people's skills, services, knowledge, etc. A barter system that I think has a lot of powerful potential.

Well, I could go on...

faerian said...

how can i act my age when the number is so ridiculously big for me???

Linnea said...

Funny, the things that float about the collective consciousness.

I've been thinking a lot about my 17-year-old self lately, and what happened to her, and what she'd say about me now. I've conquered some of her demons, but I could really use her to conquer some of mine.

I've finally stopped blaming my exes/my former employers/frenemies for what I've allowed myself to become and am trying to figure out what I learned from each stage between 17 and (almost) 44, as if I were reading a story about someone else.

A "screw careers. I want a life"? Yes, yes and yes. I need to find something to supplement the income, but LIFE is my career. Whatever that income-supplementer is will be a job that fits my life.

Ashley said...

I am willing to stop at NOTHING to realize my dreams, discover my calling, FIND MY BLISS! Thank you for this post, I am right there with you!