Monday, May 17, 2010

The Fall that Started it All

Last Monday was the first day of my at-home retreat. The reason I was attempting to enter "retreat mode" was to change some habits from okay to good. I was not trying to retreat in that ambiguous, nebulous, silent, meditation way. I wanted to simply retreat from too much busy.

For example, I know that taking my morning espresso outside with the birds and my journal is a much healthier way to start my day than taking my espresso in front of the computer. Alas, it was a rainy week and thus challenging with regards to that particular goal.

It was challenging, immediately, in other atypical ways. Retreats have a way, I think...being a newbie myself here, of being what they want to be as opposed to what we want them to be.

My week was atypical in that these challenges were not the normal day-to-day distractions I was attempting to work with. It was atypical in that I was met with some challenges that are rare for me to encounter (or more rare than they used to be, to be more precise).

Last Monday evening, I went to the yoga studio where I teach yogaDance to teach my first Kundalini Energy Yoga class. This class is a combination I put together of yoga and movement that is drastically different from yogaDance. Anyway, the class went really well. As is typical with a Kundalini based experience, we all left the building feeling pretty Shiny.

I stood outside for a bit, talking to a friend and getting my bicycle ready for the ride home.

At one point, I was checking for a text from Marcy while at the same time talking to our friend while at the same time stepping toward my bike's back basket near a curb...

Yes. Recipe for disaster.

My foot hit the edge of a curb that I was not paying attention to because I was doing way too many things at once. It wrenched. I tried to catch myself. It wrenched again.

It was like some agonizingly funny slow-mo Steve Martin fall or something.

I landed right on my right ass cheek.


My ankle swelled instantly. But my phone survived! (Isn't that the important part? ha.)

As a dancer and a yogini, I am so careful with my body -- when I am dancing and doing yoga. At other times, I am a true klutz.

Believe me, I got the message here loud and clear.

Pay attention all the time! Be mindful out of the studio and off the mat!

Also, take time to rest your body, which was necessary because my mind and heart had gotten a jolt earlier on Monday, and I'll write about that tomorrow.


Tess said...

I think retreats have a habit of being what we need them to be rather than what we want them to be.

Sorry about your fall, hope you're feeling better.

Carolynn said...

Yikes. That injury occurs more often that you may realize. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I spend my mornings in front of the computer too...I may have to take a look at that routine and rethink it. Thank you for the gentle nudge.


IrishPoet said...

Ouch, I can completely relate to that, all it takes is one moment of un-consciousness to cause us to take our attention away from the present and cause us (and sometimes others) pain! Of course I know this 'cause it's happened to me so many times I'm lucky to be alive to tell about wishes for quick recovery!

BTW, the Kundalini Energy class sounds awesome...and we had the the double blessing last week of visits from Snatam Kaur + GuruGanesha Singh AND the Dalai Lama at the same time!

Sat nam, Michael