Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Fire Starter Sessions & My Inner Hawk

(Note: I am NOT an affiliate for Danielle LaPorte's Fire Starter Sessions, so when I write about this, I have absolutely nothing to gain.)

I have been, for quite some time, completely tired of all the Big Bloggers out there who try to sell the rest of us all those e-books and online classes about "How to make money from blogging."  They are making money from blogging by blogging about blogging. The circular nature of this makes me downright dizzy!

Or they give e-books away for free, which is usually a big red flag that has the words "Full of Nothing!" written on it.

And I get super tired of bloggers who write about blogging in general. (Warning: Irony alert.)

This tiny rant is just so you know where I am coming from when I tell you that I bought and downloaded Danielle LaPorte's Fire Starter Sessions.  This is not like me at all.  For me to do this, a couple of things had to be going on.

First, having decided to dive head first into my passion, I have realized this makes me officially an entrepreneur or Solo-preneur.  Teaching yogadance is a calling, a vocation, to be sure, but I still need students in order to be a teacher, and this means coming face to face with the somewhat difficult reality of marketing and advertising and running a business.  (This "reality" can be extra hard for those of us who tend toward the Granola end of the spectrum or those who think they can just "envision" students and they will come. This is NOT the field of dreams.)

Second, being a fairly discerning reader/learner, these Fire Starter Sessions had to pass some tests before the purchase.  I read about them, keeping in mind, of course, that most of what I read was by affiliates, but you can still sense an underlying truth or sales attitude.  Then I watched Danielle's little promo video.

She had this whole thing going on about approaching this as a WOMAN.  You can watch that little video here.  Anyway, I was immediately attracted to her angle.

I bought them.  Then I proceeded to go through that gargantuan amount of material in two days.  I do not recommend this.  Unless you are like me -- a Girl of Extremes.

It totally fried me.  But one session of Solar Power Kundalini Yoga with Ana Brett and I was completely back to normal -- or as close as I get.

I digress.

What was my point?

Oh...right...I watched and read those sessions and worked on the little worksheets and talked to Marcy and talked to Marcy some more.

Those Sessions lit a freaking fire under my ass, people, and there are going to be BIG changes around here.  That is the point:  Big. Changes.*

(*This is totally a tease. Big Changes take some time; we are working hard behind the scenes...)

Those Sessions reminded me that I am not some fluffy, soft chick of a blisschick but that I am really a BlissChick of the hard-edged variety.  I am a chick who has had to CLAW her way to this bliss and is not afraid to show her scars.  Actually, I will gladly show you my scars if I think the grossness of them will move you to take some freaking action.

I am not at the Granola end of the spectrum at all.  I am not some soft voiced, walk gently, hippie yogini.

No, in the world of birds, this Chick is a Hawk.

Watch out!  And cover your head if you at all resemble a dove or anything equally delectable.

(Thank you, Danielle, for the big brick to my head.)


Linnea said...

I read about these the other day, of course, when she had the pay-what-you-can offer. But as I am BrokeChick I didn't order them. Looking forward to hearing what the hawk (a messenger, according to Native American spirituality) has to tell us.

Emma said...

I like hawks. :)

Congratulations (again! I think I keep saying that)!

I am excited to see what comes next.

Oh, and I know exactly what you're talking about re: The Big Bloggers.

jules said...

I think true Bliss only comes after we've had to claw through something. The idea that "ignorance is bliss" is totally untrue. Genuine bliss comes with knowing what the other side is, what you have survived, and being proud of what you are capable of.

Danielle is an excellent motivator, she has a real gift. I ordered the Firestarter Sessions and hope to start on it in a couple of weeks. :)

Kasia Blue said...

Hah! Looks like we both are going in the same direction with Ms. LaPorte's work :) I just bought her sessions as well and have been through my fried crispy stage...still recovering and frying at the same time if that is possible! I normally don't go for things like this, but she really struck a chord with me, since I too am looking to take my 2, 3, 4 jobs and become a solopreneur exclusively...this is making me look at everything in my life that has led me to here...not as comfortable of a place that I thought it would be...but, i too digress. Anyway, thank you for writing this post (without being an affiliate). If I lived closer, I might just come and shake my booty at your studio. Maybe I can talk Graciel into taking a class with me... :)

Pre-Writing Challenge said...


Just finished chapter 2 - there's got to be something going on because I had my second freak out from the Fire Starter Session - freak outs = inner work so that's good.

Making progress on my end; SO glad you got so much out of it!


Christine Claire Reed said...

I am glad to hear that these FRY other people! YAY! I am not alone in my frying! :)

Megan -- yep. Freak outs are a good sign and I had a few (cough) myself while going through these.

They are some excellent work.

Slackermom said...

I'm soooo with you. I love being a "healer" but with that comes the responsibility of actually (dare I say it) running a business. Eeek. I bought the Fire Starter Sessions but haven't gotten into them yet. I'm going to dive in today!!

Heather Plett said...

I saw a hawk on my bike ride home yesterday! Totally unexpected since we don't see many in the city. Maybe it was you! :-)

It seems we're on a similar path, because this pacifist/hippie is starting to call herself a "warrior"! Yikes!

Carolynn said...

Good for you for diving in. I considered doing the same, but arrived at the conclusion that until I know what direction I'm headed in, travel pointers won't be of any use to me. (The bookshelf full of workout videos are silent testimony to this fact...merely owning the video does not equate to having a tight fanny.)

I'm happy to hear your review of her fire starter sessions, though. I like Danielle's style and it's good to hear her offering has real value.


Svasti said...

I consider myself officially on notice of Big Changes Afoot! ;)

Interesting that your Chick is a Hawk, because Hawk is one of my animal guides...

WhiteHotTruth said...

Hawks, fires, Big Changes.
I need to hang out here more often.