Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Internal Alignment

My realizations about being true to my passion by allowing myself to be completely immersed in it came early in my second retreat week.  So I stopped.  I stopped the retreat, meaning I stopped trying to be something I am not, said thank you to the process, turned to the left, and dove head first into my work, my life, my love.

I am still adjusting to this idea that I am "allowed" to just be who I am.  I am 41 and wonder if I will still be doing this when I am 61 and...well, yes, I think that is pretty much life, right?  The every day decision that has to be made to be true to ourselves.  The constant realigning.

There are times when we are really in the flow and the questioning recedes to background noise, and when those times happen, we are grateful.  Or we should be grateful.  I think we are so caught up in simply being that we don't necessarily notice.

How about you?  Are you in that flow right now or do you need to schedule an appointment for an alignment?


Eco Yogini said...

oh i totally need an alignment.

this is what I LOVE about growing older, our process of growing more into "ourselves". I wouldn't go back to my less confident self in a million years.

but at the same time i recognize that i have a lot of growing to do. and i need another alignment lol.

what i have to look forward to with growing older. Wisdom and self-love. :)

Jan said...

Oh, this process of alignment is an ongoing one, isn't it? I am constantly realigning and I think that is a really good thing. I sense I always will, as long as I am in a human body. Glad that you are too and finding peace with HOW you are doing it -- with greater ease and self-acceptance. Breathe.....

And thank you for stopping by my blog. I love your notion of being ferociously single-minded. I think we must if we are to live as we are meant to be - in peace and happiness with self and others. There is SO much to distract us and take us away from that beautiful stay of mind. Ironically, it does require fierceness, at least at first, to quell all the thoughts and meanderings and ego nonsense. Yes?

Blessings to you as you journey on....

Carolynn said...

I don't think I'm in complete alignment yet, although I'm not sure if I'm in the ebb or flow of life in this moment. So glad to hear your retreat was a 'success'. :o)

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

I think it happens daily (becoming aligned). At least this is true for me. Some days I see things clearly and others I feel as if I stumbled into a dark forest. So, I do the things that bring me back to center daily to get me where I need to be. :)