Monday, May 3, 2010

Meditation Monday: It's NEVER Too Late to Embody Your Bliss

I know my title comes from my blog banner today, but I really don't think I can say that enough. I don't think we can hear that enough, don't you agree?

I mean, too many of us are still telling ourselves that we missed our chance or that we don't know what we're doing or that there's not enough time or money or whatever in the world to make it possible.

It's all just excuses. Trust me. I have a long history as a resident of Excuse Land. My excuses for not fully embodying my life were wrapped up in a story of depression and anxiety. Layers and layers of stories that kept me trapped, jailed in my own body in a way that disconnected me from that body.

Once that disconnect happens, it can take a long time to reconnect, but mostly, it takes waking up to the fact that a) this is it; this life is the one you (know you) get and b) it's never too late and oh, right, c) if you have a desire in your heart, it's there for a reason, so stop ignoring it.

I was reading a wee bit of Anthony DeMello a couple of weeks ago, and he asserts that the purpose of our lives is to revere God, and being the black and white/take it literally sort of chick that I can be, I thought, oh, dear...time to throw out everything but the rosary and candles. It didn't take too long -- a few minutes -- before I realized, of course, that by "revere God," he means "Be Who You Were Born to Be."

Embody Your Bliss.

That is what we are born to do.

We revere God (or whatever language you like) by living the life we were given. I revere God by being "Dancer." My prayer and meditation and fulfillment happens as I dance.

This is where societal and cultural ideas get taken out with the trash. (Buh-bye!)

My age does not matter. Nothing matters but that I revere God/be dance.

Another blogger would agree.

Megan over at Idance_Iwrite is a little older then this Chick and is someone who has been an inspiration to me. Here she is, recently, dancing...on stage...under those naked a BIKINI!!

She is doing it! After time away from dance, she returned. Now, she is not just dancing in the privacy of her own home; she is getting out there and performing again.


Elize said...

wow, really awesome!!

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

So true ~ we, each of us, revere God by being that which he created us to be. That means, for each of us, finding lily, finding what makes us feel like ourselves ~ whole and passionate. It means also, accepting who we are ~ anxiety and depression can serve as a great limitation, or a unique aperture.

Tess said...

A lovely, fun video, and what you say in the post about being who you were born to be is lovely.

I've been trying to send you through Twitter a link to a video I think you'll love, but it doesn't want to work, so hope this does:

That could be you in 40 years!

Megan Matthieson said...

Thank you Christine! That is so lovely. I look up to you as well, always loving what you have to say. (I'm older, yes, but still very young in my mind with much to learn!)

Christine Claire Reed said...

Tess! I love that. I'd seen another video of her and she is my new hero, for sure. I especially love in this that she is wearing LEATHER pants and totally pulling them off. :)