Monday, May 10, 2010

Meditation Monday: Let Go of the Grippy & Dream BIG

I ran across a tweet or post somewhere last week where someone quoted someone else (do you love my ability to remember sources here!?), and essentially, they were saying that we all have to dream and plan much bigger. We make ourselves way too small and then we sit back and wonder why nothing Sparkly Fantabulous is happening to us.

You get what you give in action there.

I have a word for what they were talking about: Grippiness.

It makes us act all tight and fearful to not dream big, because we allow the scarcity mentality to have a foothold in the most precious and exciting aspects of ourselves -- our hearts and imaginations.

I am guilty of this just as much as the next Chick.

I have Big Work to do and instead of Getting To It, I've been settling for small dribs and drabs and thinking that is enough. I don't want to be greedy, blah blah blah.

That insults the Infinite Divine, which is what instilled these dreams and hopes and visions in me to begin with.

One of my new heroes is Anna Halprin, a visionary in the field of dance. If I told her what I wanted to do and what was holding me back, I think she would have a thing or two or ten to say to me.

Here's the trailer for a new documentary about her.

Are you being Grippy and not Dreaming BIG enough? What are you gonna do about it!?


Megan Matthieson said...

Thank you!! That was so lovely! I did have a 'near' grippy moment yesterday. And caught myself! My daughter and I were talking about a little book I'd been given- on making the most of your life or something. I said, "I want to write a book like that." As it came out of my mouth, I thought...that's too big, preposterous, lame, silly.. And then I realized that I was blocking myself so I quickly said something about not putting up walls and allowing all things to happen. Yay me! :) Celebrate the moments- the good ones.

Silky Hart said...

Anna Halprin is one of my beloved heroes, too. I had the pleasure of studying with her when I lived in Marin County. She would indeed have a thing or two to say about not staying small, dream BIG!

Heather Plett said...

Oh my goodness! She's AMAZING! She's my new hero too!

Elize said...

Somehow I didn't know this woman, but just spent an hour perusing her web site & institute... thanks SO much for sharing!!!

Linda-Sama said...

love the video! I think it applies to yoga, least MY style of yoga....

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog and I love it! Every post is a little nugget that I look forward to each day.

Oh....and I'm going to use "Sparkly Fantabulous" very soon. I love that phrase