Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking the Time You Need: Your Life Can Depend Upon It

Last week, I read this post about the concept of retreating over at wise and wonderful Christine's Abbey of the Arts.

I realized -- and was quite startled by this though no one I know would be -- I realized that I not only never take a retreat but I don't know what it even means to do so.

I am just always pushing through.

I will start to feel better for a bit and think, "see...I don't need breaks..."

But everyone needs a break.

I'm taking one. For this whole week. I have scheduled some small posts but I won't be around.

I am getting too close to real and serious burnout. I need to get this under control. I need to figure out what is truly important and what I want to give my energy to.

How about you? Do you just keep pushing yourself, regardless of the consequences?


cocosparkle said...

I hope you enjoy your time to yourself. xoxo

Emma said...

Everyone needs a break. It's true! Even you! :)

It's important for you, for your relationships, and it's important for your students, too! I'm sure you know this. Now's the time to do it.

for me - Something I'm working on learning is what is rejuvenating vs. simply inactive. I tend to go to inactive when I am drained, but that's not always the best choice. Often when I think I need to lie on the floor for 20 hours, really I need to be doing art or walks outside or other things that are active, but that replenish my energy.

differenceayearmakes said...

This is why I have adrenal issues -I call it being stuck in high gear - believe me you want to do something before it reaches this point.

Heather Plett said...

Good for you. I am in serious need of one too, but am having a hard time finding space for it in my life right now. Hopefully soon.

Jan said...

Dearest Christine,
I do hope you are taking a real retreat this week. You know I believe in retreat, big time! especially after just finishing my 30+day retreat. I feel like a new person. I had no idea what such an extended retreat could do...I am still putting all the pieces of "new me" together. ((I hope to be online next week at my blog to share some of this...) In the meantime, I hope you are well and flourishing! Breathe on with ease. xo

tamihackbarth said...

i am pitta vata and i can totally identify with the push through nature of the out of balance pitta.

when i find myself on the brink of what truly feels like a nervous breakdown (yep, i wait until i'm almost falling over the edge - i've gotten slightly better about this very recently) and then i take a pajama day. a day to rest and reconnect with myself before i get sick.

i spend a lot of time sick because i don't tend to take breaks. i'm slowly learning that i can take care of myself a little bit each day or suffer through another virus for weeks. either way, i'll be resting.

i hope your retreat days give you some much needed deep rest and rejuvenation.

lucy said...

Bravo, Christine!