Monday, May 31, 2010

A Trip to the Strawberry Patch

That, my dear friends, is the first strawberry of the year from our little backyard, and as soon as this photo was snapped, it was popped into my mouth.  There is nothing quite like a sun-warmed strawberry to make my day start out right.

Things are really starting to explode in our tiny yard, including the rabbit greens' beds, for which I am extra thankful due to the recent addition of Bun #2, otherwise known as Blueberry, or Blueb, for short.

Rabbits are small but they eat a lot and our rabbits only eat organic -- like every single mammal in this house, whether skin or fur suited.

We are in the middle of Marcy having a four day weekend, and we are likely sitting out back, near that strawberry patch, with brains turned down to low and simmer, perhaps with a drink in hand and binoculars to the face.

I hope everyone is having a Stupendous Long Weekend and that many such strawberries come into your life over the coming Summer months.  (I apologize to you Southern Hemisphere readers...the sun has already begun its yearly frying of my brain and strawberries are all that I care to think about...)


Emma said...

The first strawberry looks great! I saw some wild strawberries yesterday...

Bethany said...

My strawberry patch didn't make it.
Glad yours did.
Looks delicious. Your weekend sounds divine.
I give my bunnies the tops of the strawberries with a hunk of strawberry still on it and they go to town, juice all over, happy nibbling!

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Wow, it's early for strawberrys, ain't it? But, you've had such warm weather, no wonder you have some already. There are blackberries just about everywhere here in Vancouver, and they have begun to blossom. The landlord scalped the blackberry brambles in our back yard, I hope they'll grow back. If not, the skunk that lives under them will have to find a new home.

enjoy your long weekend. (We had ours last week).

IrishPoet said...

yummmmm (my new mantra! :) I just picked first fruit from my new strawberry patch today! sat nam!

bird&monster said...

I love that you call Blueberry "Blueb" for short because it is cute & because its what I call blueberries for short - esp on lengthy shopping lists! By the way, you are the ONLY blog that I read daily. Your writing is so inspiring - & so relatable. One of my best buds told me about your blog, & I've been an avid reader ever since. A lot of the time, your blog makes me feel better at the end of the day. Thank you SO much for sharing. So beautifully, so articulately, & so concisely, too! I have a hard time with concise. VERY hard. Time.

GOOOOO, BlissChick!
Much Love,
Britt Ryan in Austin, TX

bird&monster said...
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