Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chick on the Loose!

This is Daisy.  She is the newest addition to the Lilypad Family.

She's about 7 months old and came from our friend's amazing "free range" cat "store."  (If you are local to Erie ... or not ... please consider donating time and/or money. Eileen does an amazing service for our community.)

I've had Daisy on my mind for some time, but I did not want to disrupt Scottie's life when it seemed he was on his way out of his suit.  His comfort was number one.  Now he is at Sparkle Pond, so we inquired about Daisy and here she is.  She is named after Scottie in a way, since his full name is F. Scott Fitzgerald and Daisy was a main character in The Great Gatsby, of course.

To read more about Daisy, go here.


In other news, I was interviewed for Out Impact right here.

I do not think of being lesbian as anywhere near my core identity.  It is just something about me, like being hetero is something about most of you.  My relationship is the center of my life, but only because that is the way I wish it were for everyone on this planet -- that they find a love that strong.

So I don't hang out rainbow flags or consider myself any kind of activist, but I liked this site immediately and thought it was a great place to explore some of these issues.

The woman who wrote the piece, I think, did a great job at distilling my VERY lengthy responses.


tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Welcome, Daisy.

Lori-Lyn said...

Hello, beautiful Daisy. (& I love the article about you, Christine!)

Linda-Sama said...

daisy looks like a little sweetie...my SIL has become a foster mother for kittens so I am sure she will try to talk us into adopting...I used to have three cats, now am down to one....I still cry about Sweet Sox and Jack the Yogi Cat...no more kitties for me.

also great article, christine!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great interview! As lesbians, being free and open about our sexual orientation is just another way of following our bliss!

svasti said...

LOVE Daisy. I'm sure she will adapt to the LilyPad in record time. What a lucky little meow-y!

Also, LOVE your interview. I agree, sexuality, or anything else about ourselves need not be a flag we wave above our heads. Unless we want to, that is! Like you do with bliss and now yoga-dance.