Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For some GIANT news about this Chick's life, read here today.  (She did a better job explaining than I could have, AND there are rabbits, which is always a good thing.)


Tess said...

Mammals on wheels! Sounds like the right decision to me!

StorytellERdoc said...

Congrats, C! I know it was not a lightly weighed decision, and I hope it is a great one for both of you! Yeah!

Em said...

I just have one thing to ask: did you buy a soul because it's a soul? Or because of the little hamsters?


Christine Claire Reed said...

Em, I cannot deny that the hamsters had a lot to do with this decision! :)

And really -- all the marketing of this product was aimed at us, BUT it is actually an excellent car with great safety ratings, all sorts of awards, customers love it, great "green" ratings, it's quiet and roomie like something this small should NOT be, and yep, it's cuter than anything out there -- we think! ;)

Em said...

I am probably following you down this path in a few months. I recently moved from Los Angeles back home to New England and here I really have to have a car. I've been car-free for almost 3 years and have used public transportation much of that time.

So it's very interesting to me to see what you bought. (Also, the hamsters are seriously cute.)

Jan said...

Oh, the places you will go, said Dr. Suess. May you travel far and wide in joy! Have fun.