Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the Road Again...

As Marcy wrote about last week, we are no longer car free after nine years of being pretty much reliant on our feet, our bikes, and public transportation.

We are having SUPER GIANT FUN, as you can imagine.

To show what homebody geeks we are, the first thing we did with that car was drive to a garden center and pick out some new plants.  HA!  Par-tay!

The purchase of that car is totally related to my no longer Shying Away from Happy.

Not that I wasn't happy over the years of not having a car.  Far from it.

Now I am happiER, like pretty much ECSTATIC much of the time.  And that car is just adding to the YUM of this life.

This may not seem like much in the way of news to some of you, but I really thought that I would have Massive Buyer's Remorse of the Gargantuan, Eat-At-My-Soul (HA!) variety.


Within a broader context of being mindful of our daily choices, we are expanding our wings and taking flight in so many new and exciting ways here at the Lilypad (headquarters to Rabbits, Inc., Cats, Inc., Miscellaneous Mammals, Inc., and Writing, Dancing, & Painting, Inc.).

One of the things that gets me daydreaming is the small trips I could make to nearby cities to teach yogadance and meet readers.  So let me know (email me!) if you are interested in this idea at all.

We waited nine years, but now was the time and our choice was right.  Phew...


Lisa said...


I *know* Dayton isn't a close city for you, but I can still dream of a visit, right?

Enjoy your expansive dreaming :-)

Rowena said...

I've NEVER had a car before, and now we have one. Living in nyc I never needed it, but now we're in Michigan and it's a different story. Although I can still get around town without a car, we rented a house very close to downtwon, I love being able to head into Ann Arbor, or go yard saling, or to art fairs on a moments notice.

It is lovely to be mobile.

differenceayearmakes said...

This is so the right decision for you at this point in your life.


Jacqueline said...

Can't wait can't wait can't wait until you are close by and I can come! Long Island, NYC, maybe CT or NJ. Please do give advance notice so we can plan ahead!

TheAnalyst said...

Woo! Congrats! I too understand the appeal to living car free, it can be sort of liberating. Yet at the same time, I appreciate having a car available. Since I live in the Syracuse area, like you there is LOTs of snow and not having a car would make getting around tricky. Enjoy your travels and explorations!