Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shying Away from Happy, the Sequel

Yesterday's post about shying away from happy, I could imagine, may have seemed contradictory to Monday's post about honoring a promise to my friend to live this life fully and with generous amounts of glitter.

But you may have noticed that I said that flinching/shying away was a random and occasional occurrence, as opposed to the Norm that it once was in my life.

I also asserted that my brain and my body are part of the solution -- a solution I work on every single day, as I walk this path.  Some days, I am surely better at this than others.

After thinking about the first two posts of this week, I realized that I want to pause at this time every year and evaluate how well I am doing in relation to the promises I have made to Ken and thus to Marcy and to myself.

At this time every year, in his honor, I will reevaluate those promises and renew my vows, so to speak.

Here is what is truly exciting to me:  When I wrote out that list of promises to Ken, I had no freaking idea what the next few months held for me.

I had no idea how much my life was about to change.  I had no idea of the Voluminous Capacity for Happiness which lay waiting inside of me.

Therefore, as I write these new and updated vows, I shiver a bit (with excitement) at the thought of their power to call forth, by which I mean: their power to unleash within me the power and the will and the fierceness that is necessary to accomplish anything truly wonderful in this life:
  • I promise that when Happiness walks in the room I will no longer crouch in the corner and hide my head and say, "Oh, you are not for me!  You must be looking for someone else...I think she is in the other room."
  • I promise that when Happiness walks in the room I will have flowers and balloons and champagne at the ready, and I will say, "Welcome!  I LOVE YOU!  Thank you!"
  • I promise to never, ever wear another piece of boring-ass clothing that is meant to hide my cute.
  • I promise to try my damnedest to never again apologize for my Big Emotions and my Big Passions.
  • I promise to seek out challenging adventures and to put my sense of who I am at risk in healthy ways that grow my Soul and Heart.
  •  I promise to Put Myself Out There in a Huge & Sparkling & Daring & Joyful manner.
  • I promise to honor the dreams and desires of this Dancer's heart.
  • I promise to nurture the Dancer in all other women.

How about you?  What vows do you wish to make?

(Place them in the comments or feel free to link in the comments to a post you write about this.)

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