Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Symbolic Acts & Piles o' Hair

I've written rather recently about how I use tactile notes to remember things.  For example, I have a necklace that I wear almost every day that reminds me of  something essential. The first time I put it on, I said that something essential out loud and told myself that I would recall it with each subsequent fastening.

This works for me.  The use of a talisman and the performance of symbolic acts are all part of my "religious" nature.  Yep.  I have one of those.  I like ritual.  Metaphor floats my boat.  And like I said, a talisman here and there (and over there and more under here) works for this heart and soul.

Cutting my hair yesterday seemed like it was about freeing myself from the heat and weight and sweat of all those very long and heavy tresses, but it turns out, it was about a whole lot more.  Or, at the very least, I have figured out how to make it about more!  HA!

Imbuing things with meaning is a human instinct, right?  I mean, think of all the original Gods.  They were just our attempt to explain things like lightening.

Back to my hair...

As it was being cut, it felt natural.  It felt "original," if that makes sense.

Good, right?  I didn't cry.  Which I kinda worried about.

Then I stood up from that chair, and immediately, I felt something wonderful stirring.

By the time I got home, I was downright giddy, excited, energized, hyper.

Here is what I've decided:

My new hair is about strength and confidence and NO FEAR.

That's right.  No Fear.  My hair is like the opposite of Samson's -- cutting it has given me my strength rather than taken it away.

Every time I look in the mirror now, I am going to remind myself of that -- I am strong and fearless because my hair is my Note and it says so.


Tess said...

Hair is so caught up (no pun intended) with all kinds of archetypal imaginings and possibilities. I've had very long, very short and everything in between and with very short hair there is nothing to hide behind. That can be incredibly liberating, and I'm glad you're finding it so.
Here's to freedom!

cocosparkle said...

So fabulous, what a feeling that must be. Makes me want to lop it off for the summer too...hmmmm!

Lisa said...

Seems to be a great deal of talk and action among us these days about overcoming fear, eh?

It's a theme with my coaching clients, too.


SO happy for you :-)

Eco Yogini said...


I completely agree, hair always has had some weird symbolic meaning for me.

I used to change my hair after each relationship breakup. Now that I've been with my Andrew for 4 years.... the hair change is less cathartic.

Brandi Reynolds said...

love this post! It is absolutely about no FEAR...

Anonymous said...

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tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

I think I alluded to the significance of hair in a previous comment. Love how you note that cutting your tresses liberated you. For me, I feel the opposite. Keeping my tresses long and longer frees me from the limits of short hair (had short hair for most of my childhood and hated it).