Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Living Your Bliss is So Important

Because it is about life and death.

My depression has been so bad in the past that I did not want to live.  There are still days when I feel my brain fighting to return to old, negative, self-destructive thought habits, and living my bliss is the antidote.

Immersing ourselves in our Purpose makes us bigger than any momentary circumstances, including life-threatening illness:


Sue said...

This is one of the reasons why I really enjoy reading your blog. I struggle so with this. The big four oh looms at the end of the year and I notice too how hard it is - and yet paradoxically how timely it is - coming more into my own, not leting external or internal things stop me from living my bliss even though some days the struggle is so hard that I lose.

I struggle to do yoga, even though I need to do it several times a week, working on a computer as I do. I did it before, the first time since I've had the bladder infection I'm almost rid of. Bliss. Pure delight, joy, and an end in sight to the anxieties that have been riding me to sweat all week (your problem is depression, mine tends to play itself out more in free-floating anxiety, especially after I had CFS for 6+ years, sigh).

And so every day I tell myself, to go and do that which I love, the thing which will centre me within myself, help me shake off those anxieties. And some days, despite the fact that there is no negatives at all on one side of the ledger and a whole range of positives on the other ... and I still don't do it.

So yes, that is why I enjoy reading your words so much. Thank you for the ongoing encouragement, sharing out of your own journey. There is nothing like tuning into a chick who's Blissed :)

Gretchen said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing as honestly as you do about depression. One of the things that's the hardest for me about having depression is the stigma attached to it. I actually felt almost as bad telling people that I was depressed as I felt because of the depression. Writing and talking about it openly helps those who have not experienced it begin to understand it and know how to help those of us who have to struggle with it.

Linda-Sama said...

Over all these years I've had my issues with fact, a few years ago a round of PTSD raised it's head. But my spirituality, the teachings of the Buddha, IMHO, make the most sense on how to deal with what is happening now.

and as for living your bliss, why would anyone choose to live any other way? because it IS a choice and thinking it is NOT a choice is so self-limiting.

why would anyone choose, IF THEY HAD A CHOICE, to be mad at the past and fearful of the future?

Linda-Sama said...

p.s. no apostrophe in "its" -- duh!

IMO, one of the best books I've read on dealing with life is "Dancing With Life" by Phillip Moffitt: "Buddhist insights for finding meaning and joy in the face of suffering."

miss miss said...

Thank you, again, BlissChick! I cried (I've been needing to for days) & I am yet again inspired. Thank you!

svasti said...

This next little period of time in my life is, I feel, a test. Last year I collapsed into an incredibly morbid depression when I lost my job.

This year I did not lose my job - my contract simply ran out before I have found another. And I intend to approach this experience entirely differently. It won't be easy. I know I will struggle, but I have plans (I'll write more on this soon).

And seeing this beautiful woman dance, talk of her encounter with cancer and how she got through it is utterly inspiring. I think I might have to watch it several more times just to be sure my brain gets the message.

And I need to go and have a little chat with Durga myself.

Luckily, it seems I have a bit of Purpose of my own to focus on, too. And I'm sure that it's going to help.

THANK YOU so much for sharing this piece of beauty. xo

Megan Matthieson said...

Thank you so much for posting that!! Sooo lovely. As you are. xo