Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clearing Space for Clearer Thinking

Lilly Cat has made a bit of a nest of my desk, but I have to take responsibility for the materials with which she constructed it.  My desk is a mess, as is the rest of this writing room and pretty much, well, the house.

It's a lot like my brain.

We started the cleaning process yesterday.  First, we cleared and rearranged the bedroom, and then we created a much needed meditation and prayer space at one end of that room.

Good start.  I need a clear space to focus my mind.

All of this is so intertwined, isn't it?

I am writing from the Cleveland Clinic, having driven a friend here for some tests.  Staying meditative in such a large hospital is still far beyond my capacity.

How about you?  Is your meditation space literal or have your managed to clear your mind and heart enough that you carry it with you?


Paula said...

It seems a lot of people I know are doing the same thing as you. I'm doing it, My boyfriend is clearing his place, My friend in NYC is clearing hers and now you.

I do think how our outside space in terms of messiness indicates the how we are feeling internally. I find if I'm feeling crappy about stuff in general, my house is messier. If I feel good, I work on getting things cleaned up and keeping them cleaned up. And once I get them cleaned up, it is more likely to stay that way because I'm not berating myself for not having stuff done.

Right now, I'm cleaning my space and getting my apartment to the point where it functions for me the way I need it to function.

Eco Yogini said...

oh ya. we've just moved (ok three weeks ago) and last friday the apartment was finally painted. so we're only startign to unpack and put away and CLEAN now.

I need it. I'm going bonkers. :)

Heather Plett said...

I have my tiny studio space in my basement that doubles as a prayer/meditation space. I had a lovely moment yesterday when I was sitting on my cushion meditating. Maddie came in and wanted to know what I was doing and could she have a turn. I climbed off the cushion and decided to do a little art play at my desk. Well, it was awfully silent in the room for the next few minutes - that little 8 year old guru managed to spend more time on the cushion than me!

What is it they say about "a little child shall lead them"? ;-)

Linnea said...

Well, you know I've been on the get rid of stuff tear for weeks now. I also don't have "a room of my own" in the house. (It's a 3-BR, 2-BA house; I share it with a husband, a son, a daughter, and a cat.

I can meditate with Ana & Ravi's Meditation DVDs with the kids in the next room and my husband on his laptop in the same room and zone completely out. (I actually learned this skill during the college dorm-room years -- minus the husband-and-kids part!)

My desk is a disaster because it's currently home to the following: several yoga DVDs I no longer use and am trying to sell; a Rated-M video game one of my son's friends gave him for his b'day which I'm also trying to sell as son is not allowed to play rated-M games; coupons I need to clip; a half-consumed bottle of green tea (still working on it); my Droid; some crackers because I have a tummyache; my red Moleskine; my kids' tooth x-rays for the orthodontist; and Liberty of London stationery I bought at Target.

(Oh, and now Ashlyn's feet are up here, too, as she is sitting beside me now.)

Linda-Sama said...

"Is your meditation space literal or have your managed to clear your mind and heart enough that you carry it with you?"


I have found the longer I do yoga, i.e., the longer yoga does me, the less material things I want or need so the less crap I have, externally or internally.

I guess I have gotten to the point where the space no longer matters. My yoga school in India was not a quiet ashram, but an open air room (at that time) open to all the Indian street noise, which is a lot. I sunk into very heavy meditations despite the chaos just outside.

That's the whole point. We need to get to a point where the meditation room is always with us, even in chaos.

Jan said...

My space must be clear for my mind to be clear otherwise it is a jumbled, frustrating mess in every cell of my brain. There is no room for Mother Muse to come when it's like this so I am one tiny cookie. Well, most of the time anyway. Happy holy cleaning! xo

Lisa said...

It's "both/and" for me. I've got the literal space where I begin every day ~ and then am able to take it with me (although sometimes I resort to a quiet moment in a restroom somewhere to center myself again!)

De-cluttering is a HUGE need for me right now. Very timely subject. I've started *slowly* ~ am making progress ~ and have a long way to go.

sweetmango said...

tidying, creating calm space is where i am at too. Like you i have many fur babies plus three non fur babies. My life is happily hectic and im learning how to manage it all by myself.

claire said...

My room has been waiting for me to clean it up, tidying it, and cull it really for days now.
Soon, soon.

Blessings of love.

Clever Raven said...

During a year of crisis with my son I learned that I had to be able to create a space in my brain to think clearly - in airports, hospitals, an ambulance....I needed some peace and I needed it now....It's a great skill to have.

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of ridding myself of things that I do not need and giving them to others that can use them or appreciate them more.
I am not a "shopper" thankfully.
I do think that it is a very good idea to create a space for daily meditation. I live in a very small studio apartment, and so I keep my meditation pillow in the coat closet. I am thinking of rearranging the furniture and creating a "sacred space" for myself. That way, when I am out and about during the day I can picture it in my mind's eye and feel calm, knowing it is awaiting my practice.
To those of you who are interested in getting rid of excess clutter, may I recommend the amazing book, 'Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui' by Karen Kingston. http://www.amazon.com/Clear-Your-Clutter-Feng-Shui/dp/0767903595/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1280041947&sr=1-1It changed my life! :)