Monday, July 5, 2010

Embodiment: Having More...FUN!?!

A lot of people, when they go into a big city, fear that there is danger lurking around every corner.

I, on the other hand, being a City Chick, go into the woods and imagine scary, burly, barely-speaking-English, sweating men with chainsaws hiding behind trees.

Yes, a bit...neurotic, but again, I am a City Chick.

My point is...that picture up there?  The one with me in it?  That is not this Chick's Natural Habitat by any stretch of the imagination.

Marcy and I decided to go on an Adventure this weekend, and we chose to head up into New York State and go to Panama Rocks.  This seemed to me like it would be...Nice.  Marcy loves the woods and this particular jaunt included a Path through a rather touristy section of trees with some awesome rocks jutting out and about.

As part of this year's word's directive, I am trying to discover ways, other than dance,  to have FUN in this body.

WHO KNEW that I would have so much freaking fun at Panama Rocks!!

Furthermore, I wasn't just having Fun looking around.  Oh, NO!  I was having fun...CLIMBING the rocks!  WHAT!?

I did this in a skirt and not a skort so there won't be pictures of the actual climbing...not this time, because I don't feel like showing you my underwear, but I will invest in a climbing skort and then allow Marcy to snap away.

Because we will be going back.

I mean, if anything, I have to take this mysterious animal back that I found there and managed to bring home with me:

I'll post more rock photos throughout the week.  They were amazing to look at as well as to climb.


Tess said...

Oh yes, I do resonate with that fear of the lurking chainsaw man!
This expedition of yours looks fantastic, so wonderful that you're allowing yourself FUN!

Emma said...

Oh, fun pictures! And amazing tree roots!!!

(What an enigmatic animal you found hiding in those woods! :)

Lisa said...


Looks like a very cool place! Think I'd very much like exploring there.


Linnea said...

What an adorable, yet fierce, animal!

Gorgeous place! It could inspire me to get over my height neuroses.

svasti said...

Looks like an awesome time was had, and I'm glad Seven is allowing you to get out and about more.

I also love nature, and never think of it as a dangerous place, but instead, a magical place where it's still possible to uncover trees like the Magic Faraway Tree (Enid Blyton). I always wanted to find that tree and visit Moonface!

Anyway, your mysterious animal is also very interesting and looks very much at home there in the wild.

Perhaps there's a WildChick in there somewhere along with all your other Chicks? :)