Monday, July 19, 2010

How to Know Your Bliss: The Definitive Guide

First Premise: "Bliss," remember, on this blog, right here?..."Bliss" is not some woo-woo feeling-state but a concrete thing that you are meant to do.  And yes, it can change over your life time but identifying it and doing it...that's your work.  And no matter what anyone says, sometimes work is hard.  (Insert whining here and see me not listening.)

Second Premise:  On this blog, according to this Chick -- this Chick who has been through some major shit that could have easily turned her against this Second Premise, major shit that she could have decided to use to disprove this Premise -- here, on this blog, according to moi and others, our purpose in this life is to See, Witness, and Love each other.

Conclusion:  How to Know Your Bliss as Explained Via a Personal Example:

When I dance, I love you and you and me (which is giant) and you and you and you and you ... When I dance and when I am teaching dance and when I am surrounded by other dancers or even dancing alone, that love is Boundless.

That Love is a little Universe exploding inside and out of me.

It dissolves "me."

That's how I know.

How about you?

When do you Become Love?


Megan Matthieson said...

Yes. Right? That when you are doing- practicing what you are here to do- when you are sharing your unique gift- you create love. Love in and love out.

Emma said...

Great question!

I know the feeling you mean.

A time I have often had this feeling is when working together with people at a homeless shelter, for instance. When there is such a basic need (like food) and we work together to satisfy that need (like eating a meal together) - there is something about that true community experience that makes me feel like: THIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!

That is my number one time that I experience things like that. I'm sure that's meaningful.

Also, hearing live music. Playing live music doesn't do it so much, but I'm interested in forming a new music group sometime and seeing if it might happen that way.

Creating art with other people also feels something like this. I am hoping that as I do that more, I'll experience more of that expansive love that way, as well.

OH, and I would have this experience in the wonderful Kunalini yoga classes I used to attend, too.

Rebekah said...

Love this!

I'm not quite so sure about having a definitive answer to the question, but exploring that? I'm all for it!

And I like that you said bliss is still work. I think that we sometimes forget that part. (I do, certainly.)